When Marc Murphy arrived on the Carlton Media scene, he promised the big guests he would bring to On the Marc. The result? Matthew Kreuzer's first ever interview*.

From coming in as No.1 picks, to the host guiding 'Kreuz' through his career's highlights, to the guest's love of milk, there's plenty of feel-good stuff in here.

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts.

0:30 - He played 189 games for Carlton, and this may go down as his first media appearance: welcome to the podcast, ‘Kreuz’.

1:00 - No discussion needed. Cop that, Dyl.

2:00 - It’s not every day that you don’t watch a game which is named after you… in Kreuz’s case, before he was even drafted. *please take this bit tongue in cheek* 

3:30 - Draft memories. Classic gags from Frank (senior).

4:20 - Two a day? Three a day? Regardless, Kreuz loves milk and milk loves Kreuz. 

6:10 - Kreuz came in as the No.1 pick, but he had some back-up. And it meant that himself, Murph and Gibbsy were part of every single marketing campaign of all time — like the much-vaunted ‘Can you smell what the Blues are cooking?’.


8:00 - It was quite the start to much-hyped career, with 56 straight games from his career. 

9:30 - Murph’s done the research on Kreuz’s big moments… unfortunately, Kreuz hasn’t.

12:10 - “Can you remember much of your career, mate?”. It’s a fair question, Marc.

12:30 - Kreuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuz.

14:00 - Injury doing Covid times opened up Kreuz’s eyes about a potential in ruck coaching, which he continues to this day.

16:00 - Footy chat. It’s clear Kreuz is more passionate talking about others - notably, his young rucks - than himself. 


19:30 - What’s the feeling been around the Club in the last few weeks? Kreuz sheds some light on the mindset and focuses this week.

20:30 - First pay cheque was spent on what? Milk, probably, obviously.

21:10 - From Humphrey (shoutout Scotto), Frankle (shoutout Juddy) and Tractor (shoutout Ratts), the big man has certainly had his fair share of nicknames.

22:30 - With next week’s Carlton Respects Game, Kreuz has always loved the Club’s involvement off the field. Even if it didn’t end well for him in last year’s Ride For Respect.

24:00 - Remember those pre-season trips to Arizona? Look at us. Who would’ve thought? Not me.


24:30 - Murph’s captaincy campaign was nearly over before it started.

25:20 - Kreuz would’ve loved a Waite and Charlie pairing back in 2011 — not sure what number they would’ve worn though.

26:00 - In retirement, apparently you miss the feeling after a big training session. We’ll take it from Kreuz.

27:20 - A bit of love for Frank from Murph.

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