THE No.3 is joined by the No.3 for episode . . . four.

The games record holder in the jumper number is joined by the current custodian of the guernsey, who'll just so happen to be sticking around at IKON Park for at least another two years. 

Marc Murphy welcomes Jesse Motlop for the latest edition of On the Marc, for a conversation about history, culture, the future . . . and yes, the guernsey.

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts.

0:20 - It might be time for Max Murphy to get a new jumper. The number can stay, ‘Daddy’ can maybe go.

1:15 - The banana snap might be a No.3 thing.

2:00 - Murph always looked forward to Sir Doug Nicholls Round when he was a player, so Mots runs him through the new guernsey for 2023 and his Larrakia origins.

4:00 - Whether it’s people like Syd Jackson coming into the Club or catching up with opposition Indigenous players, Mots is lapping it all up . . . even though he’s left Syd waiting for a round of golf.

5:00 - A trip to Yorta Yorta country ended with a former Blue getting a new nickname, as Murph tells.

6:00 - The new Mosquito fleet, still going strong. Zac Fisher’s message chain with Murph, not going strong.

6:30 - Murph gives Mots a quick history lesson on the OG mosquito fleet.


8:10 - The boyhood North fan comes out in Murph when talking about his time growing up watching Mots’ uncle and dad.

8:40 - Who were the boys’ favourite Indigenous players of all time?

11:00 - Mots thought he was a chance of getting the No.19 when arriving at Carlton, only for Durds to get in first. The end result? This podcast.

13:20 - The real footy chat begins. How does a young player like Mots deal with external noise?

14:20 - There were games against Essendon and Richmond, but for Murph, it were the clashes with the old enemy which always had something extra behind them.

16:00 - Mots previews Sunday’s blockbuster as Murph goes on the hunt for some inside intel.

17:00 - Last episode, Kreuz spoke about how he spent his first footy pay cheque on milk. Luckily, this time, DJ Deadly comes to the party.


19:00 - A table tennis . . . table was a very early buy for the Mots/Durds/Bot household, but it didn’t end well. Murph understands why after living the 2020 hub.

19:45 - Dylan Buckley gets a shoutout. Murph shuts it down immediately. What a treat.

20:30 - Is Deadly a self-imposed nickname? ‘Jesse’ tells all.

21:30 - Live podcast negotiations? Could this be the start of something great?

23:00 - While Mots would love to include his predecessor in the current team, the man himself overrules. 

25:00 - Murph goes recruiting for a future podcast guest. Not sure the SOS answer was what he was expecting, but it’s what he got.