THE BIGGEST guest of all. 

Captain Patrick Cripps ('Crippa' or 'Binga') joins his old teammate and captain in Marc Murphy on the 'On the Marc' podcast, thanks to Great Southern Bank. 

Covering leadership, life outside of football and being "just a boy from the country", they discuss the whirlwind that has been Crippa's life since he was drafted in 2013. 

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts.

0:20 - A big welcome to ol’ ‘Binga’ - where the heck does this nickname come from? 

1:28 - Which player stockpiles the most goal celebrations? The answer won't surprise you. 

2:40 - Murph gives his first impressions of watching Crippa play and Crippa reflects on his big move to Melbourne back in 2013. 

5:30 - What was the moment when Crippa knew he could hold himself at the AFL level? 

7:48 - Who has Crippa compared himself to over the years?

10:35 - The Blues have had an uptick in performance over the last two games, but Crippa thinks it’s always been building. A selfless attitude and a few key ins have impressed the skipper this year.

16:30 - Learning through adversity: what has Crippa learnt about himself as a captain through some tough times? How does he communicate with his teammates? 


20:50 - "He’s a great leader of men". Crippa has thrived under Vossy’s leadership. 

22:52 - Seeing kids at the footy brings some perspective to the group on why they play.

24:50 - What did Crippa buy with his first footy pay cheque? Brad Cripps gave as much financial advice as Great Southern Bank does. 

27:03 - Agriculture, the stock market and counting his money – what does Crippa like to do outside of footy? A post-graduate degree in psychology seems relaxing. 


29:20 - Couldn’t be a chat with Crippa without talking about Ball Magnets. 

32:42 - Crippa recalls a trip to Melbourne where he saw Carlton thump Collingwood at a packed MCG.

34:06 - Milestone chat for Nic Newman and Charlie Curnow’s 100th game. 

35:44 - Which Carlton great would Crippa include in the current line-up?