Amelia Klingbeil showcased her exceptional skills during the Blue's inaugural final on Sunday, leaving no doubt about her performance. She proved to be an unstoppable force on the field, with an impressive tally of 23 disposals coupled with 4 tackles.

The feeling surrounding the Blue’s win was electric - after two losses to Williamstown throughout the season losing by 35 and 38 points - Klingbeil knew how special a win would be against such a decorated team.

“It was like one of the best feelings ever,” Klingbeil said.  

“It was a pretty special moment, I think there was a lot of hype coming into the game, everyone was pretty nervous when we found out that we were playing Williamstown because they'd beaten us twice this season.” 

Klingbeil spoke about the change in the team’s mindset and how the team wanted to ensure they take a more positive approach against the Seagulls.

“We did a lot of work on mindset throughout the week and it was a pretty tough game,” she said. 

“To hear that siren finally go, we were pretty ecstatic and to have everyone around.”


Matching Willimastown’s aggression was important to keep Carlton in the game – keeping her team motivated and making sure to bring a bit of grit to the side was one of the roles Klingbeil played on the field. 

“The last few times I played Williamstown, they got under my skin a bit with their aggression, so I was bringing my confidence on the day because that's a really important part of how I play my game,” she said.

Trailing by a small margin of four points at half time, Klingbeil spoke on the vibe in the change-room and the determination to remain positive going into the next half of footy. 

“At the end of the first we were feeling a bit nervous cause they'd gotten that goal and a few points, but halftime, we thought whilst we were still down, the momentum was shifting a bit,” she said. 

Throughout the week, the Blues will review Sunday’s game and pick points of improvement and what went well as they go into their clash with Port Melbourne at ETU Stadium. Looking at keeping high energy and repeating their efforts for a consecutive week is a focus for Carlton and Klingbeil believes it is anyone’s game to win.


“The last few weeks we've just been focusing a lot on our game, trying to keep our DNA and how we play our footy and how we best execute our skills,” she said. 

“It'll be a lot of hashing over our skills and strengths and how we're gonna bring that together as a team.”

Having been in the VFLW system for four seasons, Klingbeil wants to focus on driving her team to success and working strongly as a whole unit.

“We've got a few well-being things that we try and do throughout the week – we've got a nice photo board in there that just shows all the positive photos and helps with our unity.”

“Last week I put together a little video little playlist of all different players and all their highlights reels.”

In order to advance to the next round of finals, Carlton must secure a victory against Port Melbourne in Sunday's semi-final. With Klingbeil's undeniable talent and leadership, she is sure to help the team perform at their best.