WE wouldn’t be able to tell you every role he’s held in the football industry, but he’s had his fair share. 

At Carlton, he’s Shane O’Sullivan, ‘ShaneO’ or Pres. But most of all, he’s everyone’s best mate. 

Having roles such as Football Administration Manager, recruiter and past-player liaison, ShaneO has done it all and seen it all. 

Speaking on his recollections of the game's greats, such as 'Sticks', 'Doully' and 'Harry', you won't want to miss this episode, thanks to Great Southern Bank.

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts. 

0:22 - Introducing ShaneO: the man of many clubs, the man of many jobs. 

1:00 - Shaneo started working at Carlton in 1979, which we hear went pretty well.

2:28 - What was it like working under George Harris? That's Mr. Harris, to you.

3:44 - With three premierships in four years, ShaneO’s early years at the Club were pretty fulfilling.

6:16 - ShaneO went in search of bigger challenges, taking him to Footscray and then to the sunny coast of Brisbane for the inaugural Bears side. 

11:52 - Back to Carlton as a recruitment manager was a highlight of Shaneo’s career. 

13:04 - One of Shaneo’s first picks was ‘Sticks’ Kernahan . . . not a bad player to hang your hat on. 


19:10 - ShaneO’s last pick as Recruiting Manager was another club favourite.

23:27 - Throwing things back to the last episode, ShaneO has his say on Bryce Gibbs as a house guest. 

24:54 - ShaneO was a hard task master, if Michael Voss' first football contract was anything to go by.


26:12 - ShaneO goes through some of the best Carlton players he’s seen come through, including the great Bruce Doull. 

28:58 - Which team was the best that ShaneO has seen in his time?

30:18 - Justin ‘Harry’ Madden may not have been the most athletic player, but ShaneO would back him in every day of the week.

32:10 - Now looking after the past players, ShaneO is the glue holding together the history of the Club.