CARLTON co-vice captain Jacob Weitering is behind the mic this week in the latest instalment of ‘On the Marc’, brought to you by Great Southern Bank. 

A fellow No.1 draft pick, Marc Murphy digs deep with ‘Weiters’, speaking about his early days at the Club, who guided him and what he believes has been the biggest impact on Carlton’s 2023 season. 

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts. 

0:40 - Murph introduces Weiters and immediately shuts down the footy cliches. 

1:20 - Throwing it back to 2015, Weiters talks about his draft class and what he thought of each when he arrived at IKON Park. 

4:00 - There were a lot of defenders and a particular coach that helped pave the way for Weiters in his early days at Carlton. 

6:40 - Murph seems a little bit salty about the NFL Fantasy competition that he is no longer a part of. 

8:07 - Did Murph throw Weiters under the bus with his stint in the forward line?

10:17 - Fresh threads were the first thing on Weiters’ mind when he got his first footy paycheque… he loves PUMA now though.

11:10 - Vic Country captain Weiters deserves his ute… but he name-drops some players that don’t. 

12:43 - We get some insider info about the buzz-cut (or the ‘microphone head’, as Matt Kennedy would say). 

14:13 - The backs are a grumpy bunch, but they care about each other. 

15:46 - Who are the real pests on game day? That includes hogging the massage bench.


18:04 - Here we go, the turnaround. Weiters discusses the turning point in the season, the low times and the leaders that stood up when it really mattered. 

24:52 - Was it touched? Weiters recounts those final minutes from his point of view. 

26:10 - The Fremantle game was something that gave the side real confidence moving forward. 

27:39 - Weiters gives his thoughts on some of the commentary around Harry McKay.

29:06 - The role players have impressed Weiters in the way they’ve committed to the team game. 

30:30 - The next focus for the boys? The Gold Coast game. 

31:26 - Which past Carlton star would Weiters love to play alongside?