WHO will be crowned the 2023 John Nicholls Medallist?

With the John Nicholls Medal being awarded on Sunday evening, a host of other awards will also be presented to acknowledge the turnaround efforts of the team throughout the 2023 season. 

Each award represents a player's ability to demonstrate the Club's values over the year and are voted by various groups, including the playing group, coaches and coteries.

Here are the awards on offer on Sunday night. 

John Nicholls Medal

The Club’s highest individual honour, the John Nicholls Medal is awarded to the best and fairest player over the course of the season.

Four coaches (senior coach and three line coaches) have the opportunity to vote for as many players as they feel warrant a vote for each game on the following scale:

4 votes – outstanding performance

3 votes – excellent performance

2 votes – above expectation performance

1 vote – expected performance (trademark game)

A player therefore can receive a maximum of four votes from four coaches giving a maximum of 16 possible votes each round. 

2022 winner: Patrick Cripps 

Best Finals Player

Returning for 2023, this honour is awarded to the standout player across Carlton's 2023 finals series.

Best Clubman

The player who lives Carlton’s values and goes above and beyond for his teammates and club will be crowned Best Clubman.

2022 winner: Nic Newman 

Best Young Player

Voted on by the coaches, this is awarded to the Club’s most outstanding young player who, at the start of the season, is aged under 21 years of age and has played 10 games or less of AFL football.

2022 winner: Corey Durdin

Coaches Award

This award is voted on by the coaches and nominates the player who has had the greatest impact on team performance while also having a positive impact on those around them throughout the course of the season.

2022 winner: Patrick Cripps 

Players' Award

This award - voted on by the players after each game - represents the actions and behaviours that best represents the culture and what Carlton is as a football club. 

2022 winner: Patrick Cripps 

Spirit of Carlton Award

The Spirit of Carlton Award is awarded to the player who embodies the spirit of the Carlton Football Club on and off the field.

2022 winner: Sam Docherty

Inner Blue Ruthless Award

The Inner Blue Ruthless Award is awarded to the player who displays bravery, resilience and commitment each week.

2022 winner: Patrick Cripps 

William A. Cook Trophy

Over the course of the season, members of the Carltonians vote on a 3-2-1 basis. The player with the most votes at the end of the year is awarded the William A. Cook Trophy.

2022 winner: Patrick Cripps 

Interstate Coterie Award

A new award for season 2023, Sydney Blues and Adelaide Blues decide their standout player of 2023.