A STAR of the future who loves to surf, bake with friends and make everyone else on the team feel old.

From a promising under-18s career to a devastating injury two weeks into her first AFLW season, Mia Austin has been through a lot to get to the point where key opposition defenders are her direct match-up, as she joins 'Goodie' on Yeah, Good Chat podcast, brought to you by Great Southern Bank.

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0:20 - Welcome to Mia Austin, she’s here to “cause chaos”.

0:35 - Mia was named ruck in the under 18's 'Team Of The Year'.

1:15 - Our icebreaker question brought to you by Great Southern Bank: “What was the first thing you ever splurged on?”

2:10 - The case of the stolen surfboard.

3:05 - Basketball and baking: life away from footy.

3:45 - Mia is back where it all began at the Eastern Rangers helping out with coaching and loves it.

5:15 - Planning for life after football … maybe.

6:12 - Mia started playing footy at 10 years old (which is only 9 years ago, feel old yet?).


7:02 - Being young when AFLW kicked off helped peak Mia’s interest in footy. 

8:15 - Mia got injured at training early in her first season.

9:07 - Overcoming the mental strain and loneliness of rehabbing her injury.

10:21 - Having the right support system drove Mia to get back stronger than ever.

11:10 - Unfortunately a few teammates joined “the rehab crew” during Mia’s recovery, but it gave extra motivation.

11:56 - Connecting with the senior forwards on her road to recovery.

12:45 - “At the start, I forgot how to play footy” - Mia’s first game back was exciting for her but daunting.

13:35 - Goodie thinks Mia needs to work on her goal celebration

14:10 - Hyping up 'Kez' [Peterson] in pre-season.


14:35 - Mia hasn’t seen ‘Dodgeball’ and Goodie (and the rest of us) feels old.

14:50 -  Mia is the youngest in the team “I just seem so mature …”

15:18 - Podcast Wars! Mia has her own podcast with the “Oh-Four Gang”, Goodie is preparing for battle. 

16:00 - Goodie seems jealous that there’s another podcast in town.

16:42 - The experienced defenders are playing on Mia and she’s excited by that. 

17:30 - “Are you Mia?” Mia dives into the more interesting chats she’s had on the field with opponents.

18:02 - “Yeah …. You suck!” Goodie’s tips on getting back at smack-talkers seem… effective?

19:15 - Sitting under the learning tree of Darcy Vescio, Brea Moody and Phoebe McWilliams.

20:05 - After hitting the midway point, Mis is looking forward to finishing the season in a big way.


20:50 - Goodie and Mia are proud of the team for recognising what needs improvements during the game.

21:27 - Goodie is a big fan of a good playing surface.

22:08 - Mia introduces us to her pre-game ritual ‘Footy Golf’. 

23:00 - Deep-diving into Goodie’s old basketball pre-game superstitions.

24:10 - Taking the good things from the Sydney win into the rest of the season.

25:20 - Opposition players threatening to take hangers on Mia, we think the opposite!

26:00 - Another great chat in the books!