CARLTON'S longest serving AFLW Captain, fourth-most games in Club history and a three-time All-Australian, but there are still a few more things to tick off the list the fearless and humble leader.

From leaving home at 15 to play basketball to playing 52 consecutive games for the Blues, Kerryn Peterson has spent half of her life playing elite-level sports and has had her family supporting her the whole way.

'Kez' joins 'Goodie' on the Yeah, Good Chat podcast to discuss past, present and future lives, brought to you by Great Southern Bank.

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0:30 - Welcome back to everyone’s favourite captain, Kerry Peterson!

0:50 - ‘Goodie’ throws the media staff under the bus despite the fact Kez was on the podcast last season. (you better watch it, pal!)

1:25 - As a Carlton fan growing up, it’s humbling hearing her accolades read out. 

3:05 - Kez took her family to the John Nicholls Medal and they loved it.

3:55 - Kez’s nephews are her biggest fans and love seeing her play each week.

4:45 - From trading cards to bobbleheads, Kez’s family stock up on all the merch.

6:05 - Our icebreaker question brought to you by Great Southern Bank: “What was the first thing you ever splurged on?”

6:30 - Kez’s first CD she remembers having spiced up her life.

7:10 - Kez and Goodie think the younger players need an education in music.

7:57 - Remembering Eastbay and splurging on basketball shoes.

8:40 - Kez now sees herself as a footballer instead of a basketballer playing football.

10:15 - Goodie and Kez delve into how professional basketball prepared them for being elite AFLW players.

11:00 - Absorbing strategy and game plans in basketball has helped Kez with her football more than anything.

12:00 - It's quite different being a part of a large group of players learning the skills of the game compared to the new crop of players coming through now.

13:30 - Kez had played every game of footy from her debut to her injury, so had never watched her teammates play as a spectator. 

14:15 - Kez looked at Sam Kerr for inspiration, having to lead from the sidelines for the opening stages of the season.

16:25 - The privilege of learning leadership from Australian cricket legend Belinda Clarke.

16:50 - Kez uses her own personal leadership strengths and builds her weaknesses with her leadership group.

18:20 - Kez was able to go into the inner sanctum of the Australian women’s cricket team and learn from them.

19:05 - Kez talks about thriving off of like-minded people wanting to grow the game alongside her.


20:35 - Outside of footy, Kez watches a tonne of sports and goes back home to see her family.

21:05 - Dog chat! Kez has two Border Collies.

23:40 - Study, work, footy and all of the above... Kez is the busiest person alive.

24:57 - Looking at the future after footy, and it doesn’t include coaching.

26:05 - Kez and Goodie look back at the weekend’s game against Collingwood.

27:41 - The big changes around the club and how that’s shaped this season.

30:55 - Interstate games are a great way to keep connected with family and Goodie loves that.

32:26 - Kez’s pre-game routine is pretty low-key, nothing too superstitious.

32:58 - Looking towards Round 8, getting back to what the Blues do well and “focusing on us”.