THERE'S a bit of a theme emerging in this week's Yeah, Good Chat starring Amelia Velardo.

A two-time guest of the podcast after appearing in 2022, there were shoutouts, pearls of wisdom and insight aplenty when Carlton's No.1 joined esteemed host Jess Good on the show.

And yes, T-Swizzle features rather prominently. As does footy chat.

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts.

0:30 - Good to see Good people (geddit?) — welcome back to the show, Amelia Velardo! 

0:45 - A two-time guest of the show? Miels couldn’t even imagine it in her Wildest Dreams. Shoutout to you, Glenn ‘zero-time guest’ Strachan.

1:15 - Consider the ice broken, thanks to Great Southern Bank . . . and Miels’ recent splurge is one that thousands of people know All Too Well.

3:45 - Shoutout to Romeo Velardo for the hustle RE: the above. There’s no Bad Blood here.

4:30 - Talk about being a great teammate. Miels’ assist for Goodie ensures our host won’t endure a Cruel Summer.

5:10 - Shoutout to Josh Velardo. His ticket-purchasing skills are Enchanted.


5:45 - When she’s not listening to a certain artist, Miels is busy studying her double degree (double busy). She’s keeping her options open, her future is a Blank Space.

7:30 - “I only want the cool cases.” Such an Anti-Hero, Miels.

8:30 - For their assistance both on and off the field, Miels will Forever & Always be grateful to Carlton.

9:20 - Helping out with the Adam Saad Girls Academy has enhanced her Love Story with footy.

11:20 - A coach of the future? Let’s see if any Sparks Fly.

12:00 - Interior designer of the new family home? It’s all got to be Clean. Shoutout Mama Velardo.

14:15 - You need to be Fearless to step into Harriet Cordner’s locker.


15:30 - Providing inspiration in the kitchen? Long Live to Christian Petracca’s TikTok recipes.

16:40 - For the team and led by Mathew Buck, 2023 will be a landmark year in The Story Of Us.

17:10 - A break in transmission for some Keeley-Sherar-playing-footy love. The No.25’s certainly got Style.

18:00 - Choking after taking a drink sees our host to initiate an extensive chat about Miels’ water bottle. “Look What You Made Me Do,” says Goodie.

18:45 - Shoutout to Dance, Dal, Lulu and Emma the dietitian. Ever since this new water bottle, Everything Has Changed.

21:00 - Miels has played in all three areas this year, mainly down back as well as in the midfield and up forward. All of this before the age of 22.

23:10 - If you want to talk about how good you are as a host, Goodie, this is your chance — Speak Now.

23:45 - “These are the best strengths that have ever been Mine.” - Amelia Velardo, probably.

25:00 - If there are any flicks of Miels with her head taped after the egg she received, consider it a Picture To Burn.

25:45 - Shoutout to Hugh Jackman. But please stop calling Miels ‘Wolverine’: that’s Mean, Goodie.

27:00 - Injury troubles in a short season is a Delicate situation.

28:30 - Round 8 chat. A frustrating result, but we Shake It Off and go again.

29:45 - With two games to go in the home-and-away season with hopefully more to come, we’re in the End Game now.

30:20 - “With losses come learnings.” That’s beautiful, Goodie. I’m going to have Teardrops On My Guitar after this.