STRAP yourself in for 27 minutes of chaos and giggling.

They made their AFLW debut together and now they're on Yeah, Good Chat together as best friends talk about getaways to Noosa, surfing, reading books (but only on holidays), and wombats.

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0:21 - Welcome to the show Keeley Sherar and Brooke Vickers!

1:00 - Is it a "dynamic duo or double trouble" when these two are together?

1:25 - Our icebreaker question brought to you by Great Southern Bank: “What was the first thing you ever splurged on?”

2:00 - ‘Brick’ was Keeley’s designated driver for their first few months at Carlton.

2:45 - Keels spent her Birthday at the beach, that’ll be a recurring theme today.

3:00 - “All the gear and no idea” is Brick’s approach to surfing.

3:30 - The great debate; Who is the better surfer ‘Keels’ or Brick?

4:40 - Keep an eye out for Keeley on a future Bunnings Warehouse ad (we can neither confirm nor deny this rumour).

5:20 - Brooke does about 1000 things outside of footy.

6:05 - Brick can’t remember the DRSABCD, which is concerning for a part-time lifeguard …

6:50 - Brick spends her summers surfing down in Flinders (check out @flindersvic for her adventures, get those follows up!)

7:50 - Walks, TikTok, and reading, the simple life of Keeley Sherar.

9:00 - Brooke and Keeley are planning a Bali trip and it sounds like Brick organises the trip (or takes over the planning according to Keels).

9:55 - Keeley Sherar: not a fan of wombats.

10:40 - The adventures of Brick, Keels and Wombat Jeff.

12:05 - Even though she’s having a standout year on the field, Keels keeps her focus internally.

12:45 - Brick and Keels made their debut in the same game (which ‘Goodie’ will now take credit for).

13:45 - Brooke has enjoyed her progression in football and being able to play all over the ground.

14:40 - Keeley uses her past netball training drills as a way to improve her pre-season training and her speed.

16:15 - Looking back at Round 9, Brooke knows where the improvements are needed for this week against St Kilda.

17:20 - Looking back at the season, from training to games, Brick is pleased with the improvements since she started at Carlton.

17:55 - We’re all big fans of Emma the Club dietitian, especially her peanut butter protein ball recipe!


19:00 - Keels likes day training as it gives more time for off-field education around team structure and game plans.

19:45 - Brick has seen the off-field education improving her game day as a whole.

20:30 - Taco Bowl or Burrito Bowl? It doesn’t matter, it’s all the same!

21:20 - Going through their footy career as best friends “Keeley probably gets sick of me”.

22:20 - The importance of Pride Round, connecting to the community and the power of inclusion.

22:55 - We love this year’s Pride guernsey and Goodie loves love (so do we).

23:20 - Brick and Keels takeover 'Yeah, Good Chat' and ask Goodie the hard-hitting questions.

24:20 - Kerryn Peterson’s husband saw Goodie’s impressive stats and suggested she play AFLW

24:55 - Life at Goodie’s with Taylor Ortlepp and the infamous “weekend mode fold-out couch”

26:05 - Brick is trying to divide Goodie and Tay (none of that please!).

26:55 - And that’s another great (and chaotic) chat in the books!