A STORY of hard work, never backing down and believing in the people around you.

Carlton Senior Coach Mathew Buck started coaching sport at an early age but that hasn't stopped him from appreciating what he's achieved, enjoying life outside football all while completing his first season in AFLW.

A good chat that consists of humility, acknowledging the downs and his love for his family (and his vacuum cleaner).

So sit down, get comfy and don't ask about his golf handicap.

Lets get after it!

0:20 - For our final good chat of the year, we’ve bought in the big guns as we’re joined by AFLW Senior Coach Mathew Buck!

0:40 - Slated for the first episode of season 2, Bucky pulled up sick the day before recording

1:14 - Our icebreaker question brought to you by Great Southern Bank: “What was the first thing you ever splurged on?”

3:05 - Bucky the busy man: How does he balance his crazy schedule?

3:55 - On top of having 3 sons, Bucky and his wife are foster carers.

4:40 - Away from footy, the Bucks love hitting up the beach.

5:10 - Bucky is an avid golfer, although not a good one (his words not ours!).

6:15 - Before coaching the Blues, he was Mr. Buck the primary school teacher.

7:35 - Goodie talks up Bucky’s slideshow skills.

8:50 - Bucky started his coaching career by coaching basketball at 16 years old (we could start a podcast basketball team).

10:15: Two knee reconstructions led Bucky to take coaching seriously.

13:00 - The shift from coaching men's to women’s football.

14:50 - “I am who I am”: Learnings, philosophies and things to live by.


16:35 - Bucky looks back at his first season as an AFLW Senior Coach.

18:20 - Learning leadership and where to improve as a whole.

19:30 - Bucky came into the Club as pre-season started but got to work right away.

20:45 - “Everyone’s my favourite in their own way” Bucky tries not to pick favourites.

22:05 - Bucky joins the Keeley Sherar fan club (there’s not much room left!).

24:05 - Handling the ups and downs of the 2023 season.

27:20 - Bucky is proud of the 2023 efforts but already looking forward to 2024.

28:30 - Christmas with the Bucks: Bucky is looking forward to a month away with his family.

29:10 - Bucky’s wife Rachael is an avid listener to the show!

29:45 - And that wraps another season of Yeah, Good Chat!