AN IMMENSE talent.

Ashton Moir became a Blue in the first round of the 2023 AFL Draft, recruited with the final selection of the opening night at pick No.29.

A dual-sided, versatile prospect from Glenelg, this is what Carlton fans can expect from their new Blue.


Carlton National Recruiting Manager, Mick Agresta:

“Ashton will be the first to tell you he had a frustrating year, from the suspension in Round 1 to the hip injury around the national carnival and AFL Academy. It’s really difficult for these players that have multiple masters: Glenelg 18s, reserves, seniors, AFL Academy and the SA state program. Getting that consistency and continuity in his game is really difficult.”

AFL Talent Ambassador, Kevin Sheehan:

“A medium forward who really caught the eye last year with his goal kicking and marking ability, which included a haul of four majors against Western Australia at the National Championships. Was slightly hampered by a hip injury at various parts of the 2023 season but still managed to kick 23 goals in 17 matches in the talent pathway and showed glimpses of his elite potential. Was fully fit at season’s end and excelled at the national Draft Combine with his time of 8.24 seconds on the agility test in the top bracket.”


South Australia state coach Tony Bamford:

“He would be equal with probably the most naturally talented and skilful player I’ve ever coached, to be honest with you. He kicks the ball beautifully well on both sides of his body. He actually says he hasn’t got a preferred foot and you think he’s joking, but he’s actually serious. When it comes to the technical aspect of the game, he ticks all the boxes at a really high level.”

“Ash is a great kid, he works really hard on his game, he just has to hopefully get a chance to play. Once he goes into the AFL system, the coaches are going to be amazed by his skillsets.”

Cal Twomey on’s Draft Night Live:

“He just didn’t get going this year for different reasons, but he’s a super talent. Watching him last week as well, his athleticism is still high-end — he’s got the leap. I think he could be a half-back, he can be a half-forward, he can go for his marks. We know his ball use on both feet is exemplary, he’s got that as part of his game. I think he’ll be keen to get this year behind him, because he started as a top-three contender. 

Riley Beveridge on’s Draft Night Live:

“We spoke to him on Gettable earlier this year, we showed some highlights packages of his throughout the season. If he takes a mark 30 metres out, he was telling us he’ll take a set shot on the foot depending on what pocket he’s in. That’s how comfortable he is on either side: he won’t necessarily take a right-footed shot from either pocket. It’s an interesting aspect to his game. He came into this year as someone who could potentially be a top-five pick and he winds up at Carlton as a first rounder nonetheless.”

Ashton Moir himself, speaking to FOX Footy:

“It’s pretty frustrating . . . [but] I reckon it could be a good thing. Now that I’ve been able to get my body right, I’m really excited to hopefully get drafted and show everyone what I can really do. Something my mum says to me all the time is that ‘everyone has their own story’. I guess for myself, it could be that potential top five to slide – and then hopefully back up to the top next year, because I know I’ll be able to train as hard as everyone else does.”