WE’RE back in a big way.

Best first-year player Ollie ‘Dutchy’ Hollands joins Carlton Media for the first episode of Summer Sessions for the 2023/24 pre-season.

With a brother landing at IKON Park, a housing change and his first full pre-season, there’s a lot to unpack on the first episode of season two of Summer Sessions.

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts.

0:11 - Our host could be a little bit more stoked about our successful first season, but regardless, we are back for another. 

0:40 - A huge listener of the show Ollie Hollands hits the mic, and he mentions ‘Boydy’ for the first of many mentions. 

1:00 - This is a karaoke song that we can all get around… Was Ollie alive in 2008? Robbie Williams enters the chat.

2:03 - What did Dutchy get up to in his first off-season? Yes, golf is on the agenda. 

3:00 - A brand new number with a lot of history… How did Ollie land the famous No.4 guernsey? (He’s a Bryce Gibbs stan… same). 

5:05 - Ollie had a nice time living with Harry Lemmey, but he’s back with the fam as he and Elijah search for a place together. 

6:18 - Jordan Boyd's legacy… where did it begin? And how did Jordan and partner Grace become Ollie's Carlton parents?

7:56 - Dutchy is donning the Dutchy jersey, solidifying his spot as the self-proclaimed supreme Dutchy at the Club. 

9:34 - Elijah is in the house and Ollie couldn’t be more excited (P.S. he is not a childhood Bluebagger). 

12:25 - It’s been one year since Ollie was drafted to the Blues… feels like he’s been around forever! 

15:02 - What does Dutchy make of the brand-new draftees that have been welcomed to the Club? 

16:26 - Year one v year two: what are the differences Ollie is already noticing?

17:29 - Pre-season cliches: who is flying and who is vying for more inside midfield time? He might be closer than you think. 


18:42 - Dutchy and Walshy – a match made in heaven. 

19:48 - A shoutout to the biggest hero – the facilities.

20:55 - A Skull mention! We love to see it. 

21:30 - The David Cuningham rumour file is back: we think Ollie misunderstood the brief… but he loves giving a wholesome pump-up.

22:45 - Don’t get in the way of Ollie and his PS5 controller.

23:30 - Cooking chat: chicken and lettuce (together), Hello Fresh and burnt rice. 

24:58 - Unlikely bromances bloom in unexpected places.

26:43 - Boyhood Bluebagger Ollie struggles to pick his top three favourite Carlton players ever. 

28:05 - A wholesome question with a wholesome answer… we expect nothing less from good guy Ollie Hollands.