IT'S BEEN a big week.

The return to pre-season training means a glorious end to the AFL off-season, albeit a little bit later to what the Blues are used to.

If you missed anything coming out of IKON Park this week, this is your one-stop shop.

The first of many press conferences from an "energised" AFL Senior Coach, which we love


The first of many big hits from pre-season training videos

The first of many Bohemian Rhapsody references

Newbies in the house

New numbers in the house, too

And this is how two of them feel about it


And this is how Sticks feels about it

And this is how 'Dutchy' feels about it, thanks to the returning Summer Sessions podcast

Pre-season plans and pasta sauce aplenty in the latest People's Presser


The first of many pre-season galleries, courtesy of Jonathan Di Maggio

Happy Zaccy is the best Zaccy

The top comment of this video is "keep the training videos coming please Blues Social", so I guess we have to

What's driving the Blues this summer, other than a Hyundai wink wink nudge nudge

The first of many unashamed hunts for Instagram likes

What a beautiful place to be with friends. Dobby is happy to be with his friends.


More training highlights, because you all asked so nicely

And if you'd like to join us, we'd love to see you on 16 December