BILLY Wilson was just coming to terms with the fact that he was now a Carlton player.

As most draftees do, he’d be moving in briefly with a senior Carlton teammate as he gets settled in. He got told that player would be Charlie Curnow.

It’s a fair initiation to live as a footballer to say the least. 

Speaking to RSN on Tuesday morning, Wilson - who was drafted with pick No.34 a fortnight ago - said what you see with the enigmatic Curnow is what you get.


“I’m actually staying with Charlie, which is unreal. Hopefully he’s not listening to this!

“He’s taken me in . . . he’s pretty relaxed, ay? He’s good to learn off, very chilled. He sits back, relaxed and does what he needs to do, to be honest.

“The Club’s been really good with it . . . they’ve been so welcoming and all of the boys - the leaders - have taken us in and been really good for us.”

Billy Wilson has been training with the midfield group this pre-season. (Photo: Jonathan Di Maggio)

The dual Coleman Medallist isn’t the only Curnow who Wilson now has a link to, with the speedy midfielder handing the No.35 guernsey that was just vacated by Ed.

While the departed favourite hasn’t yet paid a visit to his younger brother’s establishment, Wilson is looking forward to any knowledge which his predecessor passes on.

“I haven’t met Ed yet, I think he was going to come down not too long ago.

“I’d love to meet him, he was definitely an icon at Carlton.”


There are a few others who have left an immediate impression on the youngster, including Sam Walsh - who Wilson is training alongside in the midfield - as well as AFL Senior Coach Michael Voss.

“He’s someone I’ve looked up to with my footy in the last couple of years, so it’s good to be playing alongside him and in the midfield with him,” he said on Walsh.

“’Vossy’ has been very welcoming. He’s straight to the point, which is how I like it, and he’s a very good coach . . . he’s made time for the younger blokes and he’s putting in a lot of effort for us.”