SEASON two episode two in the bag. 

A man of many names joins the studio to chat about his wedding, his faith and his football. 

Matt Kennedy - or the joy bringer as he liked to be called - is here for a great chat, a good time and bagging Sam Walsh.

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts.


0:10 - We’re live with episode two with a guest who HAS been asked to be a guest for the last 12 months – Matt (Chugga) Kennedy.

1:12 - Chugga likes the dancefloor, especially at his wedding. He’s a big Swiftie too . . . by marriage. 

2:07 - Introducing Mr and Mrs Kennedy. Big wedding chat and it’s very wholesome. 

4:53 - Chug (and his dog) may not have been the model housemate.

6:49 - Where, how and why did ‘Vossy’ coin the term ‘giver of joy’?

8:23 - We’re not surprised that Chugga is a wrestling fan.

10:32 - Where did Sam Walsh’s semi-final celebration come from? The answer may surprise you. 


11:54 - How did Chugga become Chugga and Bam Bam? 

14:12 - Faith has always been important to Chug, especially in recent years.

18:07 - Why do so many people want to fight Chugga? You can’t stay mad at that face, they always say sorry. 

20:30 - Chugga is staying in the midfield and is enjoying having some younger competition.

23:15 - How did Chugga end up playing on Jake Lever? It gave him the motivation to come back to pre-season in even better condition. 

25:20 - What was the mindset like when Chugga was watching the team's success from the sidelines?

27:18 - David Cuningham and Matt Kennedy have the same manager… and that’s it. 

28:14 - Chug might need to learn to think before he speaks…

29:57 - This wasn’t what we intended but Chug really wants to fight. 

31:44 - Why does Chugga play football?