A WHOLESOME chat with a wholesome man. 

Defender Brodie Kemp joins us for the third episode of Summer Sessions and we discover there is more to him than just loving soccer (although he does really love that).

Speaking on his journey at Carlton so far, his off-season travels and his love of valet parking, it's a all-round good chat with 'Kempy'. 

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts.

0:18 - Welcome to the show! Starting with soccer chat is a fair indication of what’s to come… 

1:17 - Kempy has already revealed his karaoke song, but he doesn’t mind another popular singer.

3:08 - Japan chat: more Collingwood supporters than you’d expect. 

6:07 - IKON Park has temporarily turned into a soccer pitch.

9:02 - What are the similarities between Big Ange and ‘Vossy’?

9:58 - Kempy takes a loyal approach to playing FIFA.

12:10 - Where did Kempy’s first goal celebration come from?

12:52 - Onto the good stuff: Kempy really loves Star Wars.

15:30 - Personally think Kempy should bring back the bleached blonde hair.

16:58 - Kempy has had a much different pre-season than previous years. 

18:42 - Having a consistent role in the backline has helped Kempy settle into the team. 

20:08 - Having family and friends support him through the ups and downs warms Kempy’s heart.

23:17 - Brad Ebert has helped Kempy find his feet at the AFL level.


24:33 - Pre-season cliches: a new recruit is catching Kempy’s eye and a winger is pushing for more midfield time.

26:38 - We thought David Cuningham was a nice guy, but it turns out he can go MIA when needed.

27:35 - A drawn-out stitch-up with a shoutout to our partners. 

30:20 - Who are the three people that Kempy wouldn’t want to travel with? Criteria so far is being clean and liberal with money.

31:30 - Why does Kempy play football?