ONE MORE for 2023. 

Who better to join the show than the hero of 2023, Mr September himself, Blake ‘Sheriff’ Acres. 

He won’t brag about himself, but he loves giving a pump-up to his teammates and talking about his dogs.

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts. 

0:22 - An introduction worthy of the man – welcome Sheriff to the pod. 

1:00 - He’s not much of a singer, but he has a karaoke song in mind if worse comes to worst. 

2:11 - Blake is a big Christmas fan and is touring Australia to visit family. 

3:28 - It doesn’t matter what anyone says or how many TikTok views they have, Blake’s dogs are the best in his eyes.

4:58 - Japan: the place to be for Carlton players in the off-season.

6:12 - The Sheriff has no plans to move away from the inner city. 

7:10 - What was behind Blake’s decision to move back to Melbourne?

7:52 - Despite being in the AFL, the Sheriff isn’t a big footy head. 

 8:41 - Who are Blake’s mates? Who has abandoned him for a single-digit guernsey number?


12:23 - The Sheriff doesn’t have the same authority that he did at Fremantle. 

13:44 - There was a reason behind Sheriff wearing the No.30 besides his love for Charlie.

14:56 - Blake is way too humble to talk about any of the finals series and his multiple clutch moments. 

17:37 - Blake’s shoulder is on the mend, but he’s getting a run for his money on the running track.

21:09 - Binnsy has caught the Sheriff's eye . . . he might be a new protege. 

22:36 - Sheriff had a less than memorable gym session with David Cuningham. 

23:20 - What did Blake ever do to ‘Kempy’? He’s stunned he’s thrown him under the bus. 

24:44 - We NEVER thought we would have dirt on Adam Cerra, but here we are. 

26:00 - Who does Blake back in front of goal? 

27:08 - The Sheriff just loves to hang out with his mates and not do the 2km time trial.