WE’RE back for another big instalment of Summer Sessions season two.

Gracing the Carlton Media studio for the first time is new Blue Elijah Hollands, formally known as Ollie Holland’s roommate. 

Speaking on life in Melbourne, his first weeks at the Club and his love of golf, this chat with Elijah is as wholesome as you’d expect from a Hollands. 

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts. 


0:14 - Welcome to episode six and we have one of our new recruits joining us – Elijah Hollands. He wasn’t very impressed by Ollie’s appearance in episode one. 

1:01 - Elijah has a karaoke song AND a backup. He returned to farm life over the holidays.

3:02 - The Hollands are a golfing family, but Dad still reigns supreme. 

4:00 - Living with younger brother Ollie is a different experience for Elijah.

7:04 - Did Ollie have anything to do with getting Elijah over to Carlton? 

8:37 - Elijah had a rough start to life at IKON Park, but he’s looking to start over and earn the respect and trust of the entire Club. 

10:02 - The skipper and another Blue have taken Elijah under his wing. 

12:35 - Elijah finds out a crazy piece of Carlton's history involving his great-grandfather. 

14:35 - Elijah’s dad had a good birthday week watching his two sons train together. 

15:15 - Speaking of, his dad’s weekly trips to the Gold Coast might be cut now that Elijah and Ollie are both playing in Victoria. There might be another Hollands brother rolling around soon. 

16:49 - Why did Elijah barrack for Adelaide and what made him finally don the Navy Blue guernsey? 

18:02: A host of Carlton past players came to IKON Park last week and Elijah was a bit starstruck. 

19:35 - Elijah has noticed two things since he arrived at training: the boys go hard and they care about fundamentals. 

20:17 - The lack of a divide between the players and coaches is something that has helped Elijah settle into life at Carlton. 

21:59 - Scratch matches are just around the corner… man that was fast. 

22:43 - It’s no surprise who has caught Elijah’s eye at training.

23:45 - Elijah made the top five in the time trial, but it maybe wasn’t as close as we thought. 

24:22 - Harry Lemmey has opened up over the summer and is playing with newfound confidence. 

25:32 - One thing Elijah has in common with the rest of the playing group: he doesn’t know anything about David Cuningham. 

26:21 - Nicknames aren’t something that Elijah will be getting around. 

27:44 - We’re glad Ed Curnow can live on through Elijah moving forward. 

29:45 - Who are the top three golfers at the Club? 

31:35 - Playing footy with mates – it doesn’t get any better than that.