A YEAR to reflect on. 

Almost 12 months after suffering an ACL injury on pre-season camp, Zac Williams joins the podcast to talk us through the year that followed.

It was a year to forget in many regards for Williams, but he's intent on making sure he comes out of it "bigger and better" leading into 2024 at his boyhood club.

It’s a long but great chat with the No.6, so strap in for wholesome and meaningful content, as well as some classic gags. 

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts.


0:38 - We welcome Zac to the podcast – new year, new man.

1:02 - The new moustache has influenced Zac’s karaoke choice. 

1:53 - It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Zac, so it’s time to catch up on what he’s been going through. 

3:42 - What will Zac take from 2023 and how will he incorporate it into his footy? 

5:30 - Not having football as an outlet through the tough times was difficult for Zac, but he managed to get involved as best he could.

8:12 - Zac is fresh off a wedding and straight into a second birthday party… we’re not sure what is the bigger occasion. 

9:03 - The wedding went off without a hitch… minus some champagne. 

11:30 - Zac is pretty keen to discuss his moustache, so let’s get to it. 

13:43 - Zac’s wife had the opportunity of a lifetime to kickstart her bedazzling business.

15:27 - There was no bigger fanboy than Zac Williams during Carlton’s finals run last year.

17:01 - How has Zac spent his last 12 months in terms of recovery? 

18:36 - Zac couldn’t be more thrilled to be back in the thick of training.  

20:18 - Zac can sympathise with Jack Silvagni, but he hopes he can give him some advice over the next year during his recovery. 

21:48 - Despite being on the sidelines, Zac was happy to see Alex Cincotta get his chance at the big time. 

23:36 - Was there any discussion with a backline legend when Zac took on the No.6 guernsey? 

26:57 - It’s a much different view watching the boys play from the stands, but there were a number of boys that stood out to Zac. 

28:00 - It’s the young crop that Zac hadn’t had the chance to train with that has been catching his eye. 

29:53 - We MAY have something on David Cuningham, but we’re not sure if it’s true... we'll get back to you.

31:58 - Secret handshakes are back, but Zac rarely gets to try this one out. 

33:42 - Zac betrayed his Carlton roots on Grand Final day… but he assures us it meant nothing. 

35:09 - As a childhood Bluebagger, Zac’s been loving having the past players come in for breakfast.

38:05 - We put Zac on the spot for his top three favourite Carlton players of all time. 

40:50 - Why does Zac play football?