A YEAR in the making.

We’ve wanted this big duo on the podcast since its inception and finally, we got there. 

Matt Cottrell and Tom De Koning are best mates, teammates and housemates, fuelled by fun, adventure and footy. 

Chatting about Carlton legacies, the Mount Martha footy factory and everyone's favourite teammate Matt Carroll, this is an episode you won’t want to miss. 

Listen to episode nine below or wherever you get your podcasts. 


0:15 - Welcome to Summer Sessions with a very iconic duo - Tom De Koning (TDK) and Matt Cottrell (Cotters). 

1:00 - Unprepared but still provided a few good bangers for karaoke. 

1:35 - What do the duo think about Vossy’s contract extension?

2:47 - Who really negotiated the Robbie Williams visit? TDK or Vossy?

4:29 - The boys advocate Charlie’s move to the leadership group. 

6:10 - Time has flown since Cotters received his senior list spot after being a pre-season train on . . . but it was nearly over before it started.

7:20 - What is life like living with Cotters? 

8:18 - Why is ‘Newy’ called ‘Gru’ and who are his minions? Who is Jeff? Who is Carlos? Not even the boys know the last one.

10:12 - What is life away from footy like for TDK? Big family man, big on the surf. 

10:58 - Cotters joined WhatAbility when he was injured and hasn’t looked back. 

11:50 - We wish Cotters' TikTok was still kicking, but his LinkedIn will have to do. 

12:48 - If you want to experience Cotts’ trampoline video, click here.

13:30 - A digital wizard in the making. Would Cotters have survived the application process at Carlton?

14:30 - Who is joining the ranks for Matt Owies’ partner in crime? Matt Carroll is creating a name for himself amongst the playing group – and it’s not just Jeff.

16:04 - Who/what disrupted TDK’s Carlton-supporting trajectory? 

17:20 - Cotters had the opportunity to move up the number order - and into family legacy - but he couldn’t disappoint all the children with the No.46 on the back.

18:48 - Cotters has had a Carlton connection since birth and TDK has an even stronger, ongoing connection to Carlton. She’s our favourite employee*.

20:09 - WOWEE, we didn’t expect this David Cuningham news. This is big, big mail which we cannot confirm nor deny. 

21:43 - Cotters gives his top three Carlton players of all time and TDK just lists Carlton ruckmen. 

23:48 - Pre-season cliches: there’s a few boys impressing the lads on the track, particularly the youngsters.

25:32 - Is Mount Martha the new Northampton? We’d love to visit the De Koning ruck bag. 

26:25 - We wanted this to be wholesome but not sure if it worked out.