We have welcomed David ‘DJ’ Cuningham into the Carlton Media studio for the first time for an in-depth chat.

We have learnt more about ‘Cunners’ than we ever have before and we’re so grateful to share it with all the fans.

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts. 


0:13 - I can’t believe it but we’re here. This season finale is two years in the making. Please welcome David Cuningham to the podcast.

1:04 - The first bit of knowledge we get to know is Cunners’ favourite karaoke song.

1:46 - The first of many true or false questions: is David Cuningham a DJ?

3:22 - The Taylor Swift mania reached Cunners’ locker.

4:56 - Cunners had a tough two years but it was so good to see him back on the footy field.

6:37 - How did the Club support Cunners when he was going through the dark times? 

7:35 - The fans all got around Cunners during his injury, and they certainly welcomed him loudly in the crowd in 2024.

8:43 - Cunners was drafted with a good group of players and he has grown very close to them since the 2015 draft.

9:30 - What can Cunners tell us about his best mate Harry McKay?

10:33 - We are shocked and appalled that Cotters sold us fake news about Cunners… He might get him back, although I don’t know how embarrassing - or true - it is. 

12:00 - Cunners’ mates don’t hang around too long. 

13:39 - Business wasn’t Cunners’ first choice at university. Shoutout to C Nolan.

15:32 - What is Cunners’ go-to meal? There might be some substitutions that are a bit questionable.

17:18 - Finally some ‘horror kit’ chat. 

19:56 - A big NBA fan, Cunners was pretty stoked with the Scottie Pippen and Luc Longley visit.

22:56 - Thought we were done with the golf chat but not yet.

24:02 - Why don’t we know anything about Cunners?

25:54 - An injury-free pre-season is a blessing for Cunners.

27:47 - Pre-season cliches: Cunners is full of them.

30:43 - What is Cunners’ role in the team and how does he go about it? Does he go to the midfield or forward meetings?

32:12 - The competition for spots has been huge for the team, but Cunners is confident that the system and trust will hold the team in good stead.

34:46 - Why does Cunners play footy?

35:50 - A bonus two minutes of ‘horror kit’ content if you’re keen.