CARLTON development coach Brad Ebert has been rewarded for his commitment to player development and mentorship, named the recipient of the 2024 Phil Walsh Memorial Scholarship.  

Ebert joined the Blues in 2022, playing an instrumental role in not only supporting and developing players, but has been an invaluable contributor to establishing a selfless culture centred around being a ‘great teammate’. 


Today’s announcement makes it two consecutive years Carlton coaches have received the honour, after AFL assistant coach Tim Clarke was awarded the scholarship in 2023. 

Ebert brings a diverse set of skills from his time as an elite footballer, as well as his time away from the sport. First completing an undergraduate degree in Applied Sciences (Human Movement), Ebert then completed a Master of Business Administration, going on to start his own wine business ‘Hey Diddle.’ 

Boasting an impressive 260 games at AFL level with both West Coast and Port Adelaide over a 13-year playing career, Ebert coaches with a selfless approach, focusing on uniting the playing group on a daily basis and developing them as people, as well as footballers – a philosophy he has lived his own life by. 

AFL Senior Coach Michael Voss praised Ebert for his passion and commitment to living out daily what is important to him.  

“Brad is a quality person and has been a wonderful addition to our football club. He is a very worthy recipient of the Phil Walsh Scholarship,” Voss said.  

“He has been a strong mentor as a leader, evident in his leadership at Port Adelaide, he always took the time with the younger players to skill them up and impart his wisdom, and he is doing that now with tremendous effect at Carlton.  

“He has a clear passion for working with people, he values what he does in football but also everything he has built for himself outside of football. To take a step into the unknown and have a passion outside football is important and something that Brad has taken in his stride.  

“For as long as I have known Brad, he has something outside of football that he is looking to continually get better at. He has invested a lot of time in his studies. 

“This is only one part of his journey, and all of us here at Carlton are so glad that we can be involved in this part of his journey.”  

Ebert described being awarded the Phil Walsh Memorial Scholarship as an indescribable honour.   

“It is very humbling. I feel very fortunate to be able to work in football and now to be given such a scholarship that will enable me to continue to grow as a coach is such an incredible opportunity, and one I won't take for granted,” Ebert said. 

“I feel extremely fortunate to have gotten to know Phil Walsh at West Coast and then at Port Adelaide. Phil was a great coach and an even better person. He had a strong personality and helped broaden my perspective in life. 

“He was very analytical, he had that broad array of skills that made him a great coach. As a player, you always looked up to the way he went about his thorough and evidence-based coaching, and at the same time he was able to create relationships with players.” 

Carlton midfielder Matt Kennedy has been fortunate to work with Ebert over the last two seasons and is grateful for the time he has put into helping himself and the playing group develop and evolve on and off the field. 

“What is special about Brad is the genuine care he has for every player, both on and off the field. He has made lifelong connections with the players,” Kennedy said. 

“Brad is an extremely humble person and is a truly deserving recipient of the Phil Walsh Memorial Scholarship. 

“Myself and the playing group are very appreciative of everything Brad does for us and the time and commitment he continually shows to us and the Club each day.” 

The Phil Walsh Memorial Scholarship was created following Phil Walsh’s tragic death in July 2015. The winner receives a $10,000 grant, to help develop coaches to follow the example Phil set during his coaching career.