READY for anything.

Senior Coach Michael Voss is well aware of the challenge that fronts the Blues at the SCG on Friday night but admits his group relishes opportunities like these.

Taking on the Swans, who currently sit in first place on the ladder, Voss knows the midfield will be a key part of the game, as well as coming into enemy territory as the away side. 

Here's what he had to say. 

On Sydney's recent form: 

"They’ve got a bit going for them at the moment. Clearly, they’re getting a lot of drive from their midfield right now, they’re batting pretty deep through that part of the ground.

"We feel like there's still a method for us to be able to get after and we can hopefully pose a couple of questions back the other way.

"We’ve had some good representation around the midfield ourselves and we’ll have to get a few extra around the ball to help us with that and keep the intensity of the ball. When you play against a team on top of the ladder, there’s clearly a lot of green on that page."


On another close finish last week: 

"We’ve been fortunate - or unfortunate if you want to look at it that way - that we’ve played in a lot of close games.

"We’ve had a lot of conversations around what that looks like for us and all we ever really refer to is when you have your moment, 'do you step up?' and we’ve had plenty of those that we’ve learnt from in the past.

"That was the reason why we got over the line in the end. For me, that game was able to put all phases of our game together in trying conditions against a very good opponent and we did that very well."

On Jack Martin: 

"It’s minor but we have to take Jack’s history into consideration as well, in terms of his return to play. It’s only fairly new so we’ll have to take the time to assess that and make sure we’re accurate with what the return to play looks like.

"It’s unfortunate, he’s a very important player for us and will feature prominently for us upon his return but there’s a group out here that needs to get the job done tomorrow."


On the challenge of multiple injuries: 

"It’s been a challenge, but it’s not something we’ve looked at just recently, it’s been something we’ve been trying to address for a period of time and it’s a fairly complex answer.

"We look at the problem, we try and solve it together and that’s the way we try and attack it and we feel like we’ve made some ground in some areas and there’s some things we still need to get after.

"Every team is trying to get cohesion and every team will have their challenge but that’s part of their story. If that’s part of the story we need to lean into - part of it is not what's not there but more about who is there and that’s what we’ve tended to focus on.

"Nothing changes from our expectations in that regard, when we turn up tomorrow, we expect to play a certain way. When they put the Carlton jumper on, there’s a certain level of effort that we require and the players are pretty clear on that and they’ve all got a role to play in that."

On Jacob Weitering's contract: 

"I’m very confident. I don’t think we spent a lot of time in speculation, to be honest. He’s a very important player to us, we don’t tend to speak a lot about contracts and where players’ contract status is at.

"We deal with that privately with the management group and with the player and at the right time, I’m sure we’ll see him in a Carlton jumper for a very long time."


On the hype around the clash: 

"There’s one unique thing that we have and I’ve spoken about it nearly every week is the games that we are afforded to play in, we are really privileged to be part of Carlton and the supporter base that we’ve got.

"We’re fortunate that every state we go to, we’ve got supporters that come and watch us, so we are used to playing in front of big crowds.

"We like to think that we can adapt if it’s a bit hostile at any stage, we’re playing against a really good opposition who deserves enormous respect, but at the same time, we come in really confident in what we’ve been able to put on the table over the last month."

On Indigenous Round: 

"It’s Indigenous Round and Zaccy [Williams] has got a special significance for him with his cousin designing the jumper. Zac will spend a bit of time here today being able to talk about his story and his journey and how much it means to him.

"It’s a fantastic opportunity for us as a Club to be able to get to know one of our people and his own story and the importance of his culture. We’re trying to establish a strong culture here and we have our own story behind it but when we can tap into an individual player's story, what it means to them and understand his culture and his family, it’s a unique opportunity. 

"I’ve decided to get the hat and the jumper, I think it’s a fantastic design, but I’m clearly very biased."