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Bluebaggers go wild for Grumpy Old Defenders

They’re grumpy, they’re somewhat old and they don’t like forwards – Michael Jamison and Zach Tuohy are the ‘Grumpy Old Defenders’. 

While the self-deprecating co-hosts may think otherwise, Jamison and Tuohy have kicked off Carlton’s new “highbrow” podcast with a bang.

Friendly sledging and the outsmarting of younger teammates (even the producer hasn't emerged unscathed) have been the trademarks of the first three episodes.

Young midfielder Nick Graham, who boasted that he was “very intellectually smart”, was quickly shut down by the Grumpy Old Defenders in the first episode.

“Do you know what a syllable is, Nick?” Jamison asked.

“It’s when you clap,” came the immediate reply from Graham, who somehow thought a syllable was a musical instrument. 

Episode two saw Jacob Weitering welcomed to the studio, but the composed No.1 draft pick seemed unfazed by the Grumpy Old Defenders’ taunts about his monotone, “boring” personality and haircut akin to a Lego character.

In episode three, young Irishman Ciaran ‘Casey’ Byrne was given the chance to show off his expertise in his chosen specialist subject, but was badly exposed by the Grumpy Old Defenders. 

Here’s how the listeners have reacted to Grumpy Old Defenders: 






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- with Danielle Balales, Carlton Media