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Vescio a Voice for Change

Voice for Change | Darcy Vescio Voice For Change is about connectivity, inclusion, acceptance, overcoming adversity and harnessing the power of music to impact and positively change lives.

Darcy Vescio’s voice is a Voice for Change.

Preparation is ramping up for Vescio and the Blues ahead of AFLW 3.0, in Carlton’s first campaign under Daniel Harford.

Speaking to ‘Voice for Change’, Vescio said the development and progression of the AFL Women’s competition could empower girls in their youth.

“I think it’s so important for girls to know that they have the power to do what they want to do,” Vescio said.

“Playing nowadays, you still see a lot of people doubting a woman’s place in sport. Sport is a microcosm of society — the issues we face in sport are generally the issues in the real world as well.


“Watching that evolve in the last few years, particularly with AFLW coming an sport being a serious career option for women… You have to keep pushing. You also have to understand that people can’t change overnight.”

Vescio said that as the AFLW competition continued to grow, so too would the ability of young girls to have that as a genuine career option and showcase their potential.

“We haven’t seen the potential of so many women because they haven’t been given the opportunity,” she said.

“We haven’t been in a world where women have been completely equal to men, so we don’t know the potential there.”


Vescio - who is also a multicultural ambassador - highlighted the ‘privileged’ position she believes she finds herself in.

While conceding that initially she felt as though she wasn’t “that multicultural”, the reactions from young fans made it all worth it.

“You can often feel like you’re not that different… Then you look around and see on TV, and you realise you do have a different upbringing and are exposed to different things,” Vescio said.

“It’s special to talk to different kids and see the way they interact with you and see themselves in you. Footy can be a pretty harsh game, but that’s the sort of stuff you can be constantly involved in and know that it’s a really positive thing.”