THIS Friday night, Carlton will crown its newest John Nicholls Medallist. 

Who will it be in 2019? And what are the key facts and milestones heading into the award?

Wonder no more. 

- Could Patrick Cripps make John Nicholls Medal history? Should he triumph on Friday night, he will be the youngest three-time best and fairest winner in Carlton history.

- Cripps isn’t alone, with Marc Murphy also vying for his third John Nicholls Medal. If either are crowned this year, they will be the eighth three-time winner.

- Alternatively, could a new name join a list containing Carlton royalty? There have been 57 individual winners since it was first awarded in 1929.

- There are four former John Nicholls Medal winners on Carlton’s list: Cripps (2015, 2018), Murphy (2011, 2017), Kade Simpson (2012) and Sam Docherty (2016).

- It’s no surprise that Chris Judd broke the record for quickest time to three John Nicholls Medal, winning them in his first three years in Navy Blue (2008-2010). Judd and the award’s namesake are the only two people to win three awards in as many years.

- Nicholls holds the record with five wins, adding his trifecta to wins in 1959 and 1963. The award — which was formally known as the Robert Reynolds Trophy — was named in Nicholls’ honour in 2004.  

- Now the Senior Coach, David Teague was the first winner of the renamed John Nicholls Medal 15 years ago.  

- Teague is one of eight players to be crowned as the best and fairest in their first year at the Club. 

- If Sam Walsh emerges victorious on Friday night, he will become the youngest ever winner. Nicholls currently holds the record: he was 20 years of age when he won his first in 1959.

- All five winners of the Brownlow Medal — Bert Deacon, John James, Gordon Collis, Greg Williams and Chris Judd — would win the Club best and fairest that year. Deacon is the only player to share the best and fairest in a Brownlow year, alongside Ern Henfry in 1947. 

- There have only been three ties in the 80-year history of the award: Deacon and Henfry in 1947, Craig Bradley and Wayne Johnston in 1986 and Scott Camporeale and Brett Ratten in 2000.  

- At 34, Bruce Doull became the Club’s oldest best and fairest winner, winning his fourth Robert Reynolds Trophy in 1984. Doull also triumphed in 1974, 1977 and 1980. 

- Geoff Southby (1971, 1972) is the youngest dual winner at 22 years of age. 

- The inaugural winner of the award, Horrie Clover is one of only three people at Carlton to be a best and fairest winner, club captain and President. The other? Stephen Kernahan.

- A three-time winner, Kernahan’s first triumph came in 1987 — a premiership year. His second would follow two seasons later in 1989 before his final came in 1992. Brett Ratten followed the exact same trend in 1995, 1997 and 2000.