“A LOT of confidence.”

That’s what Will Setterfield will be taking into pre-season — and you can’t blame him.

Firstly, it’s the first pre-season he’ll be starting without an injury concern.

It’s a far cry from 12 months ago, where Setterfield had just arrived at Ikon Park after his trade with Greater Western Sydney. Back then, he was on the comeback trail from an ACL injury.

“I’m feeling great,” Setterfield told Carlton Media.

“It’s the first pre-season I’ve gone into without an injury. Hopefully I’ll be able to complete all of pre-season and get into next year.

“It’s really pleasing for me personally to have that under my belt.”

However, just as promising for Setterfield after his injury troubles is the way in which he finished his first season in Blue.

The former Giant found himself at home across a wing, getting better by the week and showing exactly why he was so sought-after at Ikon Park.

The 21-year-old is intent on building on that platform heading into 2020: a year where he hopes to spend more time at the coalface.

“I was very happy to get the backing from the coaching to play a role on the wing: hopefully I’ll do very similar next year and float inside a bit more,” he said.

“I take a lot of confidence from the second half of the season, personally — I think the whole group would.

“We’re all bringing that energy into pre-season and getting ready for next year.”

Setterfield was one of a number of Blues (nearly half the playing group) which returned to training on Monday in the group of first to fourth-year players.

And while the home-and-away season seems an eternity away, Setterfield has already been impressed by his teammates in Navy Blue.

“All of the boys have had plenty of energy out on the track and we’re all in pretty good nick,” he said.

“Paddy Dow is running really well and Liam Stocker has had a big off-season, he has worked really hard.”