IT’S Melbourne Cup day — and we’re providing a Carlton view of it all.

We’re not going to pretend to know too much about the Melbourne Cup, but it’s not going to stop us anyway.

Here’s a not-very-helpful Navy Blue guide to the race that stops a nation.

No.1 — Crosswell Counter

Cross Counter
Last year’s Melbourne Cup winner is hoping to match Brent Crosswell’s feat of two Carlton premierships.

No.2 — Laurie Kerr De Glace

Mer De Glace
Laurie was a former sprint champion before a Hall of Fame career at Carlton. Caulfield Cup winner Laurie Kerr De Glace (Mer De Glace) is of a similar ilk.

No.3 — Setanta of Reality

Master of Reality
We’re almost sure that this Irish horse was named after Setanta’s five-goal haul against Collingwood in 2010.

No.4 — Mirage Lancer

Mirage Dancer
You’d want to be on Mirage Lancer now.

No.5 — Southern Barnaby France

Southern France
Barnaby could run all day in the No.11 guernsey: expect the same out of barrier No.14.

No.6 — Hunting (Trent) Sporn

Hunting Horn
A Rising Star nominee in 2003, this horse is much-travelled and as resilient as they come.

No.7 — La Trobe University

This horse could run from Flemington to Bundoora.

No.8 — Bosust-ajeer

Even if this horse was to win the Melbourne Cup, it still wouldn’t be as impressive as winning Goal and Mark of the Year in the same season.

No.9 — RostroDorotich

‘Dora’ got revenge when he won a premiership in his second season after just missing out in his first. RostroDorotich (Rostropovich) doesn’t need to look far for inspiration.

No.10 — TwiWright Payment

Twilight Payment
This unassuming horse may very well ‘do a Matthew Wright’ and surprise more than a few in the Cup.

No.11 — Finche-bar O’Dwyer

Named after Carlton’s next cult hero in the No.38. Go on, Finche-bar.

No.12 — Prince of Aaron Joseph

Prince of Arran
This horse will do whatever job is asked of it — including a run-with role on Gary Ablett.

No.13 — Tay-mond Tusk

Raymond Tusk
Just like Carlton’s No.7, expect this horse to lead from the front, show some aggression and possibly win a third Mark of the Year.

No.14 — (Fraser) Browndraft

For his sake, hopefully Dean Wallis isn’t at Flemington.

No.15 — Wayne Harmes’ Magic Wand

Magic Wand
He makes the boundary line disappear.

No.16 — (Nic) Neufman

We’re not sure Neufbosc can do the Melbourne Cup-equivalent of kicking four from half back against the reigning premiers.

No.17 — Sound By Blue

Make sure you’re Sound By Blue in 2020: sign up to become a member today.

No.18 — Surprise Baby

Royal Parade had its very own Surprise Baby in July 2019: the great niece of Syd Jackson. Read all about it here.

No.19 — Simon Minton-Constantinople

He may have success in different colours, but we’ll never forget where Simon Minton-Constantinople came from.

No.20 — Will Paradiso

Il Paradiso
Named after Will Setterfield, and it’s fair enough too: that blind turn against Adelaide was out of this world.

No.21 — Steel Prince… of York

Steel Prince
Just like the ‘actual’ Prince of York (read: Zac Fisher), this name was also self-imposed.

No.22 — The Chosen One

No changes needed here. It’s a nice touch to name a horse after No.1 draft pick, Sam Walsh.

No. 23 — Dow and Declare

Vow and Declare
If it’s a run anything like that goal against Gold Coast in Round 19, 2018, then Dow and Declare is in with a big chance.

No.24 — Rising Star

Madison Prespakis. Enough said.