LATER this week, new footballers across the country will have one-time heroes become teammates.

One of the most-daunting things to come from any NAB AFL Draft is meeting the current playing group for the first time — in particular, the veterans.

At Ikon Park, however, there will already be a sense of familiarity from some of the senior players when it comes to their new teammates.

Throughout season 2019, Marc Murphy, Nic Newman and Kade Simpson have sat in with recruiters at Ikon Park.

With the trio having an interest in recruiting, as well in the welfare space for Simpson, they have had a first-hand look at what the draft process entails.

Sitting in on meetings and scouting alongside the recruiting team, they have watched NAB AFL Under-18 Championships and NAB League games.

Come season’s end, the players were partaking in coding games from the under-18 competitions: a valuable skill in their personal development.

Given the chance to make their opinions heard among the list management team, it allows the players themselves to offer their own unique insight and input into what they value as critical components in the modern game.