Carlton’s dual Brownlow medallist Chris Judd hasn’t ruled out playing on in 2016 saying he’ll “wait and see”.

Speaking to 3AW’s Sports Today program on Wednesday, the 31-year old revealed he hasn’t made up his mind regarding his future, choosing to leave that decision until the end of the season.

“There’s still a lot of footy to go under the bridge this year,” Judd said.

“Similar to last year, I’ll make a call on that in the last couple of weeks in the year.”

Judd has played 278 games in 14 AFL seasons and says the body takes a bit longer to recover once you crack 200-game mark.

“Particularly when you get over a certain number of games, probably with a two in front of them, most blokes are a bit sore each week,” he said.

Although Judd has forged a career in one of the most demanding roles through the midfield, he says it’s where he still feels most at home – despite the toll on his body.

“I think as you get older lots of things start to get taken away from your game, but I think your biggest strength always stays with you.

“My main strength is, and always has been, contested footy and clearances – to take me away from that at the end of my career probably wouldn’t be in the best interest of the club,” he said.

However Judd didn’t rule out a stint in the forward line and kicking a few more goals for the Blues later this year.

“There’s no doubt in the second half of the year I’ll be spending more time up forward and not just on-the-ball,” he said.

Whether Judd decides to play on or retire next year, the former captain says he’ll continually support the club and offer his services in any way he can.

“Whilst I’m playing I’m doing everything I can to help the club, and certainly as the years go on when I do stop playing, I’ll always be available to help out the club in whatever capacity is needed.”