"I AM excited because every year is so unpredictable in AFLW."

Tayla Harris is ready for the AFLW season to begin, promising to bring an aggressive edge to her game.

After claiming two Australian boxing titles in the off-season, Harris is warning opponents she will be “tackling with intent” this year.

Having become a symbol for the game last year, Harris isn’t planning on changing her approach for AFLW 4.0.

"I will be mowing people down front and centre and there will be no one spared," Harris told The Age.

"[I] love being a role model and the pressure that brings. I understand my role as a role model and it is not as though I wish I wasn't there. I try to make the most of it and do my best.”

Harris also reflected on her own performance last year, assuring fans of the body of work put in throughout the off-season.

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