Sarah Hosking is back behind the mic with the latest episode of the Behind the Game Changers podcast.

This episode she is joined by draft standout Lucy McEvoy, who has dived into her first pre-season with the Blues.

Episode guide:

0:10: Newest recruit Lucy McEvoy joins us, detailing her daily life while her parents are away.

1:00: Lucy goes through her thought process when she found out she got drafted to the ‘Baggers.

1:36: Pre-season is in full swing… and it’s much shorter than Lucy is used to. She discusses how she feels about pre-season, the intensity of training and her feelings towards the upcoming year.

3:45: Behind a long list of achievements, Lucy talks about the pressure of her first season under the spotlight.

4:38: Lucy reveals her goals for the 2020 season, on and off the field.

5:20: Off-season, Lucy has big plans to be independent. She goes through her off-field life, her uni and (ultimately) career goals outside of footy.

6:35: Lucy grew up with two brothers and a bit of land. She talks about her favourite childhood memories (AKA, her biggest motorbike injuries), as well as growing up with a competitive twin brother.

10:45: Lucy’s dad didn’t make it quite as far on his football journey (in Navy Blue, no less), with some sound advice for Lucy on her own journey.

11:50: Lucy was born after the turn of the century, which Sarah takes full advantage of. The generation gap is exposed in a guessing game.

18:20: Quick-fire questions: Sarah gets Lucy’s take on the questions that matter around Carlton’s AFLW side.

20:35: Leading the way: this is what being a Game Changer means to Lucy McEvoy.