CARLTON’S newest recruit Lucy McEvoy dreamed of being the first female AFL player.

In 2020, McEvoy will run out with the rest of the Game Changers for a moment she’s always worked towards.

McEvoy grew up in Wallington (near Ocean Grove) with two brothers, where action was always on the agenda.

It’s no secret that it’s the approach she takes towards her football.

“We have a bit of land so we used to ride motorbikes,” McEvoy said.

“There were a few accidents in the paddock, but I’m here unscathed, so it’s alright.”

Apart from paddock shenanigans, sport was a top priority for McEvoy and her twin brother.

“I think it was quite competitive back then: I’ve heard stories that we used to just smack on in the goal square,” she said.

“I loved playing with all the boys so it was really good.”

In October, McEvoy rejected overtures to remain home in Geelong and became a Blue with pick No.2: something she described on Behind the Game Changers as “a dream come true”.

Despite a keen interest in footy, it was basketball that first piqued McEvoy’s attention, with joining the WNBA her first goal.

“Footy kind of took a back seat because I thought I was going to be like Liz Cambage or something,” she said.

Competition drove McEvoy’s ambition, whether it was in motorbike races, surfing or in sport.

“I’m still competitive, I still want to show off a little bit,” said McEvoy.

“The last couple of years I think [my brother] started to realise that maybe I am a little bit better than him.”