THE man really can do it all.

Sam Walsh took control of the Carlton Twitter account on Tuesday to answer the best fan questions filtering through.

From a Patrick Cripps-sized duck to playing with Craig Bradley to the very best of modern day heroes, here’s a complete rundown of what he had to say.

If you could pick any Carlton player from the past to join the current team, who would it be and why?
Craig Bradley: he’s a Carlton legend who - from what I’ve heard - worked as hard as anyone.

Who’s your favourite athlete from another sport?
Pat Cummins, his bowling has been unreal to watch over the past year which we love.

Who was your hero growing up and who is now?
Jonathan Brown as a kid. Now, it would have to be Finbar O’Dwyer.

Who is your favourite NBA player? Do you regret becoming a New York Knicks fan?
LeBron James. At the moment I am regretting becoming a Knicks fan but hopefully we get pick No.1 and select… Lamelo Ball.

What have you been working on improving in your second season?
I have been working on many things like all of the boys do at the club, but a big focus for me has been to keep working on my strength in the contest.

What is your favourite thing to do in your own time?
Watching sport and spending time with my mates. I live with Will Setterfield so he keeps me on my toes!

Why are we going to be better next year?
We had a solid finish to last year which has given us a platform to have a good pre-season: if we work hard, we will hopefully see rewards.

Charlie or Ed?
Either way, I’m going to cop it here. I’ll go with Ed because he invited me over for dinner recently. 🙃

Favourite music artist?
It changes a bit but Drake never seems to disappoint! Don’t sleep on Jay Z though.

Who has shown the greatest improvement on the list this pre-season? Who will surprise the Bluebagger army come Round 1?
Matt Cottrell has had a great pre-season so look out for him. I’m really excited to see Jack Martin play.

Who’s the worst FIFA player at the Club?
Matt Kennedy: he gets fired up when I beat him, which is most of the time. 😂

Who are you going for in the Super Bowl between the 49ers and Kansas City?
Kansas City: I would like to see Mahomes get the win. Hopefully it’s a close game.

Have you had to shave since the Gilette promoted post last year?
Very original here! And yes I have — once or twice.

What was the hardest thing about your first year as an AFL player?
Backing up week in, week out against quality opposition is always a challenge, but it’s something I love doing.

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized Patrick Cripps’ or one Patrick Cripps-sized duck?
One Patrick Cripps-sized duck. Their legs would be the same size anyway! I’d plan to be McGregor-like and end it in 40 seconds. 🇨🇮