IT WAS a big week to be a Blue.

While the Game Changers kicked off the year in the best possible fashion, Carlton's AFL side ramped up preparations for its own season opener on March 19.

The pre-season camp officially wrapped up on Friday night: this is the week that was.

Trac-ing very nicely

Speaking to media, Matthew Kreuzer had an update to truly delight everyone of a Navy Blue persuasion.

The first of many

Training gallery No.1. There will be plenty of these.

His happy place

A return to the Sunshine Coast brought back some great memories for Michael Gibbons.

Break the Internet

We're just going to leave this here.

Another one


Oh captain, my captain

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Mic'd Up | Sam Docherty

The skipper is wired for sound on the opening day of the Club's pre-season camp on the Sunshine Coast.

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Starting off strong. Sam Docherty gets wired for sound at the first main training session.

LOB checks in

The hardest session he's ever done, the best diary entry he's ever done.

Another one


This time last year

Just like Gibbons, Matthew Cottrell fondly remembers his last pre-season camp. Except for one thing.

Ready to launch

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Dow details camp progress

Paddy Dow spoke to media following Carlton'sopen training in Mooloolaba.

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Oh wow. Paddy had some very exciting things to say when speaking to media.

A diary entry from Mr. Kennedy...


Another one


'Willo' opens up

It's going to be a long time coming when Tom Williamson pulls on the Navy Blue again.

Comments from the coach

Six weeks to go.

A Boult from the Blue

One of the best stories of the last 12 months isn't over just yet.

"It's pretty cool"

You're not wrong, Sammy. A new Blue wraps up day three. 

This is the best

Enough said.

Another (final one)


Everyone looks better in Navy Blue

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Pre-season diaries | Newnes recaps final day

Jack Newnes recaps the final day of the Blues' pre-season camp on the Sunshine Coast.

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Jack Newnes couldn't have been happier with how camp turned out.

Not backing down

He's had one of the great career turnarounds. But, as Liam Jones tells, it could have been over in an instant.

Who goes where?

Figuring out your best 22? It's the most wonderful time of the year.

"You can't hide in The Cage"

Mitch McGovern is out to make a big impact.