“SHE’S an amazing young woman.”

Carlton Senior Coach Daniel Harford is proud of all key forward Tayla Harris has achieved in her short time at Ikon Park.

Speaking on SEN Afternoons following Carlton’s Round 6 victory over Melbourne, Harford was eager to praise his in-form forward.


“She’s just a girl, effectively: a young woman who’s trying to find herself a place in the world and she’s done remarkable things,” Harford said.

“She’s had a really unusual and remarkable set of circumstances hit her life, particularly with the last couple of years.”

Harris finished the 16-point victory over Melbourne with 11 disposals and a goal for her efforts.

But for Harford, the influence of Harris inside 50 cannot be understated — her influence saw her directly assist two goals at crucial moments.

“She is a committed athlete, she’s clearly an outstanding athlete, which was helpful on the weekend,” he said.

“I reckon she had a hand in five of our goals, she kicked one herself and had a direct hand in five of our goals.

“She’s committed to be a Carlton person forever I think and we’re rapt with the way she goes about it: she’s growing and maturing in front of our eyes and I love it.”

For Harford, Harris forms part of a rapidly developing AFLW competition of which the Blues are leading the charge.

“It’s so good to watch the ability of all the players to get the ball from deep in the backline to deep in the forward line with real flow-on efficiency,” he said.

“All the stuff we’ve done in men’s footy for many years, we’re seeing that now just through time in the game.”