IN a time of challenging uncertainty, there’s one thing we can be certain of: The Club’s latest podcast manifestation ‘Blues Banter’, presented by Barkly Smokehouse, is sure to never let you down.

So keep your ends up Bluebaggers and settle in for unrivaled entertainment each week, as our boys take a turn in providing all of us with insight into the personalities that make up our great club.

On this episode the boys rate their favourite gingers in the history of the Carlton Football Club, investigate some rumours, take part in a robust discussion on whether cereal should be considered a soup, attempt to collect rent from Brodie Kemp, dive into the truth behind Cotter's first date and wrap up with a massive rumour about a potential Navy Blue proposal. 

They said what?

“The caliber of Finbar O’Dwyer, you can’t look past him.” MC

“If you heat up your cereal, is that then soup?” MC

“Josh Honey, he’s not very funny.” MC

“I don’t want to miss out on a night with dinner with Fin.” – TDK

“Where was he? The juror?” - HM


Episode guide:

00:30 - Iso check with the crew

1:50 -  Tweets and emails

4:00 - A quick jump ahead to the rumour file

5.00 - Back to the emails

9:00 – Did TDK and Finbar actually spy on Cotters’ first date?

11:00 – Who’s coming to dinner? Top 5 dinner guests for the boys

16:00 – Barry Hall and a stinker of a 2km time trial – time for some footy stories

20:10 – Back to the rumour file