DEVELOPMENT coach Daniel O'Keefe liked what he saw from a number of Blues in Saturday's reserves scratch match against Geelong.

This is what O'Keefe made of their individual performances in the 16-aside clash.

4. Lochie O'Brien

Lochie was fantastic. He played on the wing for the majority of the day, and playing on the wing on a long ground with no breaks is a pretty tough ask. He did it really well and got involved a lot. He finished with some great kicking and a superb goal on the run from 50: he had a good day.

7. Matthew Kennedy

I feel the Matty was our best player on the day. He led from the front with his communication and leadership, but he also found lots of the footy, used it reasonably well and ran really well. He had eight uncontested marks which shows how hard he worked across the ground. His physicality was there and it was one of the better games I’ve seen him play.

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12. Tom De Koning

Tommy will be better for the run. He’s been out of action for a bit and hasn’t had a big block of training behind him either. We saw him leap and jump and do all the things that Tom De Koning does. It’ll be good for him to get his confidence back: he split his time 70-30 between ruck and forward.

13. Liam Stocker

‘Stock’ was a bit slow to get started but once he got going, he was one of the most damaging players on the ground. He was clean and was physical, he kept his feet and hit bodies while using the ball well when he got his hands on it.

16. Darcy Lang

Class is probably the best way to describe Darcy’s performance. He showed leadership coming down from the seniors and showed his poise. He got to really good positions forward of the ball and played midfield and forward, finishing with three goals.

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29. Cameron Polson

Cam was good, he defended well and found the ball. He gave some great running drive up the ground. Off-the-field, he’s been sensational. He’s one that is so grateful and excited to play: he understands the situation better than most. He’s doing everything in his power to be better.

33. Sam Ramsay

Ramsay is still learning the defensive craft and he’s getting better. The exciting thing about Sam is when he has the ball: he uses it so well, it’s really damaging against the opposition. We’re trying to find the balance between defending and attacking and he’s getting better every week.

34. Sam Philp

‘Philpy’ played a half, he was the carryover for the seniors. In the half he played, he finished with two beautiful goals on the run which was really exciting. However, the beauty of his game is he had seven tackles in half a game of footy playing as a half forward and on the wing. We know he brings pressure and we think he’s getting closer.

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36. Josh Honey

I think it’s the same every week for Josh Honey: he shows glimpses that no-one else has got. He took a speccy over a key position player, hit the ground running and ran straight away: that epitomises the way Josh plays. He has some great burst with ball in hand. The next step for Josh is finishing off his good work because he does get opportunities, he kicked two points.

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37. Ben Silvagni

Ben was fantastic, it was one of the better games I’ve seen him play. He read the ball well and helped his teammates in defence. Last week, he played up forward but this week he played the whole game as a defender. He was one of our better backman on the day.

38. Finbar O'Dwyer

Finbar played in a key defensive role all day and backed his skills in, which is what we love about him: he is a beautiful kick. A couple of times, it came off and it opened up the Geelong defence really well. It was good to see that from him.

39. Fraser Phillips

Fraser Phillips played half forward: to have the experience of coming up against Lachie Henderson, Jake Kolodjashnij and even Jordan Clark is so valuable. They’ve got a wealth of experience at AFL level. We reviewed his game and he learned so much just from that, particularly with patterns and where to take defenders so they don’t impact.

44. Matthew Owies

Matty kicked three from five scoring shots, he’s getting opportunities. He also played a little bit on-ball, which is just the way the games are shaped up. He’s showing a lot in there, it’s great to add that string to his bow. The way he’s finishing - whether it be set shots, on the run or snaps - is pretty exciting.

45. Hugh Goddard

Hugh was really good. I thought he had a good game on the day, but then I watched the tape back and it was a really good game. His one-on-one stuff was great and his leadership and direction was strong. He was solid in defence and took a couple of really strong contested marks.

46. Matthew Cottrell

‘Cotts’ really owned the wings all day with Lochie, they were excellent. He found a fair bit of the ball and used it really well. He’s made the most of the reduced numbers on the ground with the space: he’s an elite runner and tops the charts with our GPS every week.

47. Callum Moore

Cal Moore probably didn’t get his hands on the ball as much as he did last week, but in the contest he was fantastic. He was the chop-out ruck for ‘King’ in the end and when he was in there, he had nine tackles — more than anyone on the ground. The way he hunts the ball and the opposition is sensational, we want him to continue to do that.