DURING the hub stay on the Gold Coast, the Carlton playing group will have to get used to their new surroundings as they undergo strict quarantine measures.

That also means getting used to their new neighbours, who just happen to be their opponents this week.

Carlton are among five Victorian clubs stationed in the Gold Coast hub, as they prepare for their Round 6 clash against the Western Bulldogs. 

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Gibbons gives hub update

Michael Gibbons spoke to the media to give details on the Blues' arrival to the Gold Coast hub.

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Michael Gibbons commented on the different circumstances of staying in the same hub as their opponents this weekend. 

“The Doggies got in [on Monday night], the same as North Melbourne: we’re not anywhere near them,” Gibbons said.

“Brekky was a bit awkward this morning when we saw the Doggies — it’ll probably be more awkward come next Monday after the game.”

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Hub life | Let's get into it

The boys were busy on the track as they settled into life on the Gold Coast hub.

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A bit of awkwardness isn’t enough to put the Blues off their game, accepting that difficult circumstances won’t change how they prepare for game day. 

The Bulldogs are coming off a big win against North Melbourne last week, but Gibbons and the team are focused on what they need to work on to get on top of their hub companions. 

“The Doggies looked really good last week: they’re clean around the ball and have some really good midfielders,” he said. 

“If we get the game in a contest and give ourselves more opportunities going forward - unlike last week - and bring some pressure which we want to be known for, it’ll put us in good stead.”

Carlton will face the Western Bulldogs this Sunday evening at Metricon Stadium, with the first bounce to come at 6:45pm.