DEVELOPMENT coach Luke Power believes he has been changed by the Carlton Respects program since coming to the Blues at the end of last year.

The initiative that is delivered to schools and community programs focuses on equality and the prevention of violence against women: a message Power believes is vital for people of all ages.

A family man himself, Power is proud of the work presented through the Carlton Respects initiative, believing it can help his daughters grow up in a safer and more inclusive world. 

“It’s definitely something that is close to my heart,” Power said.

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Power on Carlton Respects, hub life balance

Head of Development Luke Power spoke to JOY FM's Chicks Talking Footy about life balance in the hub and the Carlton Respects initiative.

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“It’s one that’s really important to me, as the father of two daughters and having a beautiful wife also… the important thing for us is our daughters live in a better world where women are treated equally and given every opportunity.

“It’s really important kids understand that from a young age and if we can all be understanding of it and aware of it.

“Things have changed so much for me in terms of what I know now and what I’ve learnt.”

Within the walls of the Club, Power attributes the introduction of the AFLW program into the diversification and equality among the players, staff and fans.

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CR | Why do we do it?

We will not stand for this. We will not just sit back.

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“We’re very passionate about [AFLW] and all the staff are very supportive of our AFLW program and making it the best it possibly can be,” he said.

“I know now that a number of our staff and players are going across both programs to push both programs forward and make sure they’re connected as possible and the opportunities that are given in that AFLW program are at least equal to the ones afforded in the men's program.

“It’s definitely made it a more inclusive club and it’s definitely made it more diverse and at the end of the day: a better club.” 

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Teague on Carlton Respects

David Teague talks about the importance of Carlton Respects to the Carlton Football Club and why wearing orange socks is so significant on Sunday.

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A father to two daughters, Power is delighted at the amount of sport his daughters are now offered: a much different environment to the one he grew up in as one of three brothers.

“My daughters don’t play at the moment, I’d love them to but I love that they’ve got the opportunity,” he said. 

“The amount of sport offered to young girls is so good and I think the competition is going to continue to go from strength to strength because these girls are going to be coming in now in a few years.

“I’m looking forward to seeing it continue in the future.”