DEVELOPMENT coach Daniel O'Keefe analyses the performance of the Blues who featured in the reserves scratch match on the weekend.

2. Paddy Dow

Paddy was brilliant, it was probably the best I’ve seen him play since I’ve been here. He played on-ball for the majority of the day and spat forward at times. His stoppage work and craft was exceptional: he showed that explosiveness out of congestion and he was extremely clean. At times, there was torrential rain but he played like it was dry.


4. Lochie O’Brien

Lochie played midfield: the day was set up with no wings where he’d normally play. He played as an inside midfielder which was really good because it got him in the contest: he had a game-high tackles with seven in 64 minutes of game time with less congestion. He cracked in and used the ball well, he had a good day.

16. Darcy Lang

Darcy was classy again: he played on-ball with Paddy and Lochie for the majority of the day but flipped forward. Three of his four goals were actually kicked while he was playing as a midfielder. His ability to get away from a stoppage defensively and offensively was really strong: he had the ball 27 times as well and went at 82 per cent by foot in the wet.

22. Caleb Marchbank

Gee he gave us so much energy as a group, it was great to have him back. To be honest, he showed he’s an AFL player. He’s fit but it was also the AFL habits which were oozing from his game on the weekend: he just didn’t do much wrong and did the fundamentals so well.


26. Harrison Macreadie

‘Creads’ was good. He swept up at half back and competed really well when the ball was on the ground and found a bit of it: we love when he uses the ball inside and takes risks. He’s stringing together some good games.

29. Cameron Polson

He was really dialled up from a competitive point of view, that really stood out: he cracked in so hard and threw his body around. There would’ve been a few sore West Coast players post-game. He had a really dynamic ability to press and defend which helped us keep the ball in our front half.

34. Sam Philp

‘Philpy’ was unassuming on the weekend: he does a lot of things right that at times go unnoticed. His ability to keep busy and stay involved is one of his strengths. His pressure acts are always high and he used the ball well considering the conditions.

37. Ben Silvagni

Benny competed well, he was up against some really good players. He had some good competitive efforts down back and rolled forward as well where he provided a target for us.

38. Finbar O’Dwyer

We played Fin in the first quarter as a forward and he provided some good aggression: he made some strong tackles. He provided a target for us which is something we lacked down there in terms of key position players. He kicked an early goal but unfortunately in the second quarter he got a head knock and didn’t come back on.

39. Fraser Phillips

Fraser is on the verge of hitting the scoreboard in a big way: he finished with a couple but he played with intensity which is what he’s been working on in terms of his running volume. He got his speed up and some of his pressure was really good.

44. Matthew Owies

Owies finished with three goals and a few of those were good fall-of-ball opportunities: he was able to get up the ground and rip back to the front of the contest. He provided some real scoreboard pressure late, and something he’s really been working on recently is his pressure. He’s making significant gains in that area.


45. Hugh Goddard

Hugh’s last five minutes of the game were as good as what anyone showed on the ground. His ability to beat a dangerous forward one-on-one was excellent and we know that he’s got no issues with going back with the flight and he’s got some really strong hands.

47. Callum Moore

His performance was a credit to him after being in the AFL team for the last couple of weeks. He showed so much energy around the ground playing in the ruck, playing against Tom Hickey, Bailey Williams and a few others: he was quite undersized but he was a fourth midfielder for us. He ended up having it 22 times, eight clearances and a goal: he gave us plenty.