NEVER-before-seen film of the moment Alex Jesaulenko became Carlton’s first and only footballer to kick the ton has surfaced – 50 years to the very day since ‘Jezza’ completed the history-making deed. 

The flickering colour footage – the only known surviving footage in existence of Jesaulenko kicking goal No.100 for the season – was shot at the MCG on the afternoon of Saturday, August 29, 1970, when Carlton met Melbourne in the final home and away round.

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Revealed! Footage of Jezza's 100th goal

We've tracked down the only known footage of Alex Jesaulenko's 100th AFL goal.

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Behind the lens of his trusty Bell & Howell Optronic Eye Super 8 camera was Carlton Cricket Club and Carlton Cricket & Football Social Club Life Member Gary Schickerling – who responded to an article on urging anyone with film of Jesaulenko’s 100th goal to come forward in the lead-up to the 50-year anniversary, after it was discovered that Seven footage of the historic moment had somehow been lost.

Schickerling, a lifelong football club supporter whose connection with the cricket club spans some 66 years, forwarded an email to this correspondent on Thursday night which read.

I went to this game armed with my Super 8 movie camera in high anticipation of recording a memorable CFC "occasion".   

Good news - I was rewarded!

I did succeed in capturing ‘Jezza’s 100th’goal, and the near misses when he was on 99.  

Some background. To ensure I was within a reasonable distance to film what could/would be a historic moment for Jezza and our club, [because of his near misses] I needed to dart from one end of the ground to the other!

At a Carlton Social Club Directors Christmas function around 1990 my wife and I shared a table with Alex and Anne-Marie. During the evening I mentioned that I had taken a movie of his 100-goal achievement, and enquired whether he had a copy or TV record himself. When he replied in the negative, I said I would get a copy of my film for him. Some thirty years later I have not delivered!

Your CFC website plea to anyone who has a record of his 100th goal to make contact could enable me to finally ‘make good my offer’!

The footage has been in storage, but as I don't have a working projector anymore, I'm unable to vouch for the quality. However, I think it should be okay.


Gary Schickerling

CC&FC Social Club Life Member, CCC Life Member

ps - Go Blues!


Gary Schickerling inspects his precious film, shot 50 years ago, of Alex Jesaulenko’s history-making 100th goal for the season.

Yesterday (Friday), Gary handed over the reel of precious film, which was couriered to a colleague with a Super 8 projector. The moving pictures were then screened onto a white wall, which in turn were filmed by a mobile camera and forwarded to the club - just in time for the anniversary.

Asked to recall that historic match at the MCG, Schickerling, now 81, replied: “I recall it very well actually”. 

“I knew that as Jesaulenko needed five goals in the game for 100 there was a strong possibility it would happen, and that it had never happened at Carlton before. ‘Soapy’ (Vallence) did well with 97 and subsequently ‘Fev’ (Brendan Fevola) with 99,” Schickerling said.

“So I went with my Super 8 camera and I went alone. I was a man on a mission, I was determined to get it. As most of us who were there know, Jezza had a couple of near misses at different ends of the ground, which forced me to move from one end of the outer to the other. It was a good job only 40,000 were there.

“Anyway, Jezza finally got it with a set shot to the scoreboard end and he was running straight at me. It was terrific!” 

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Highlights | Jesaulenko's 98th and 99th career goal

Enjoy the rare vision of Alex Jesaulenko's 98th and 99th goal in the AFL.

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Schickerling recalled spectators amassing along the boundary line and converging on the ‘G with each of Jesaulenko’s near misses - which in turn interrupted the game’s progress on more than one occasion. 

“But eventually Jezza got there,” Schickerling said. “Leading out in front of Melbourne’s Paul Rowlands, he accepted a very short pass from Adrian Gallagher which was paid by (field umpire) Sleeth, and he drilled it. Beautiful!” 

Schickerling’s footage then shows Jesaulenko, in the interests of his own safety, make a beeline for the centre immediately after kicking his fifth matchday goal to bring up the ton. As hundreds of supporters jump the fence and converge on their Carlton hero, the famous No.25 is surrounded by John Nicholls, Dennis Munari (in his last game for the club), Syd Jackson, Sergio Silvagni, Brent Crosswell and David McKay – each of whom form a human shield. 

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Mercury Moments | Alex Jesaulenko

With thanks to Mercury Hard Cider, Alex Jesaulenko reminisces about the 1970 AFL Grand Final.

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The film - which also includes the Mt Alexander Road motorcade for world bantamweight champion Lionel Rose’s motorcade on his return from the Tokyo bout with Fighting Harada in February 1968, and the Centenary Test between Australia and England at the MCG in March 1977 – reflects Schickerling’s great love for sport. 

As he said: “I have a bit of a nudge for history. As you may recall, I wrote the 150-year history of the Carlton Cricket Club”. 

“I’m thrilled to be able to share this film of the 100th goal. I’m just delighted that it’s happening,” Schickerling said.

 “It’s a privilege to be in a position to do this and I hope it brings people a lot of enjoyment, because we may not see it happen again, not with the way today’s game is played. 

“ . . . and if you’re speaking to Jezza, tell him I’m sorry it took so long.”