THE FULL training group is back together, which means holidays are officially over for Carlton’s AFL side. 

Jacob Weitering noted that the summer break was a good chance to recharge, mentally and physically, for the whole group. 

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Weitering: The chemistry is building

Jacob Weitering joined Sam Edmund on SEN to discuss hub life, new additions to the backline and the 2021 season.

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“I was very lucky, I’m from the Mornington Peninsula originally so my parents have some property out there along with my grandparents, a little farm, so I found myself down there enjoying a bit of time away from the bubble,” Weitering said. 

“I guess across the AFL, there was an understanding that the players needed a bit more of a break and a mental break and I think everyone wanted to keep fit.”

After returning to full group training this week, Weitering noticed that the team was dedicated to their program over the off season and has come back in fine form. 

“The program that we were given over the break was really thorough and individualised,” he said.

“A lot of the boys have come back in great nick, in great mental shape as well and are really raring to go for this season.” 

With Carlton’s first pre-season game against Port Adelaide only 39 days away, Weitering and his defensive group are looking forward to the challenge that is being presented to them. 

“I was looking at it with Liam Jones before, we’ve got Port Adelaide and Brisbane at Ikon then Richmond for Round 1, so three of the top four teams to start of the year and that’s a great challenge for us,” he said.

“I look at Charlie Dixon, I look at Eric Hipwood, Joe Daniher, Tom Lynch and Jack Riewoldt as all massive challenges and motivations as well.”

With the addition of Adam Saad to the backline, Weitering and his teammates are excited at the prospect of what his defensive group can do come game time. 

“Saad has been great. I don’t think I’ll be kicking the ball much, I’ll be handing it off to him; He whizzes through everyone, he’s got an amazing ability to find space and hit a target,” he said. 

“It’s very exciting that we’ve got Sam Docherty, still considered an All Australian half-back and then Adam Saad on the other flank is very exciting for us.”

When asked about his impressive 2020 campaign, Weitering was humble as ever and attributed his success to the cohesion of his fellow defenders. 

“I was just really happy I was able to put together a consistent season, do my job for the team,” he said. 

“I’ve got some great teammates around me, obviously having Sam Docherty back in the team really helped me and a lot of the younger guys, I’ve got a great relationship with Liam Jones and I credit him with a lot; We can’t really do our jobs without each other and I hope he feels the same way. 

“It’s a very good environment down there, we’re a team within a team in the backline, hopefully we can stick together for the next four or five years and try to do some damage.”