The Behind the Game Changers podcast is back for a second season!

This year its host versus host with four new Game Changers joining the ranks: Jess Hosking is pairing up with Brooke Walker and Darcy Vescio will host along side new Blue Elise O'Dea. Tune in each week to see what each group has to offer and meet some more of our Game Changers in 2021! 

Brooke Walker and Jess Hosking were second up to the mic in our bumper launch week. Here's how it went down:

Episode guide:

1:00: Meet our second hosting duo! Brooke and Jess quiz each other on their Navy Blue careers.

2:00: Golf, surfing and a couple of tagalong Bluebaggers: our hosts chat through the Christmas break.

3:30: Brooke and Jess talk overcoming injury and a sneaky move up forward with a goal celebration promise.

7:00: Hanger of the Week time! This week new Blue Maddy Guerin gets the shoutout for a return to full training in her recovery from ACL injury.

8:30: For every hanger, there’s got to be a clanger: This week it’s Abbie McKay in the firing line after she was left wanting in front of goal during a training session.

9:30: First episode and already a fan question! Coaches’ pet, training the house down, ones to watch: it’s all covered.

13:00: The Walkings test each other with a game of word association followed by the Bean Boozled Challenge!