LATE on Wednesday night, Carlton's newest jumper numbers were announced for 2021. 

Whether it was Zac Williams being handed Kade Simpson's old No.6 or the Club's draftees getting their first numbers, there was plenty to unpack, particularly given the history involved. 

Let's take a look back at the key stats behind the lockers which will have new faces this season.

No.6 — Zac Williams

Number of representatives: 29
Average games played: 49
Games record holder: Kade Simpson — 342 games
Best and fairest winners: Four — Bob Chitty (1941, 1944), Ern Henfry (1947, 1949), Garry Crane (1969), Kade Simpson (2013)
Premiership players: Six — Bob Chitty (1938, 1945), Ern Henfry (1947), Garry Crane (1968, 1970, 1972), Mario Bortolotto (1981, 1982), Jon Dorotich (1987), Matt Clape (1995)
100-game players: Five — Fred Gilby, Bob Chitty, Garry Crane, Jon Dorotich, Kade Simpson
Hall of Fame players: Three  — Bob Chitty, Garry Crane, Ern Henfry

No.8 — Lachie Fogarty

Number of representatives: 35
Average games played: 41
Games record holder: Lance Whitnall — 216 games
Best and fairest winners: Three — Arthur Hodgson (1950), Trevor Keogh (1976, 1978), Lance Whitnall (2006)
Premiership players: Five — Andy McDonald (1914), Fred Fitzgibbon (1947), Dennis Munari (1968), Trevor Keogh (1972, 1979), Ross Ditchburn (1982)
100-game players: Four — Trevor Keogh, Wayne Blackwell, Lance Whitnall, Matthew Kreuzer
Hall of Fame players: Two — Trevor Keogh, Lance Whitnall
Fellow Hall of Famer and Team of the Century member Rod McGregor played one game in the No.8 guernsey in 1911. He switched to No.11 the following season.

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No.16 — Jack Carroll

Number of representatives: 33
Average games played: 36
Games record holder: Scott Camporeale — 233 games
Best and fairest winners: Three — Jim Mooring (1942), Jim Buckley (1982), Scott Camporeale (2000)
Premiership players: Five — Charlie Hammond (1915), Jim Mooring (1945), Brian Kekovich (1968), Jim Buckley (1979, 1981, 1982), Scott Camporeale (1995)
100-game players: Six — Billy Payne, Charlie Hammond, Jim Mooring, Maurie Sankey, Jim Buckley, Scott Camporeale
Hall of Fame players: Three — Charlie Hammond, Jim Buckley, Scott Camporeale

No.26 — Luke Parks

Number of representatives: 34
Average games played: 26
Games record holder: Jim Clark — 161 games
Best and fairest winners: One — Jim Clark (1951)
Premiership players: Four — George Calwell (1914), Jim Park (1938), Jim Clark (1945, 1947), David Rhys-Jones (1987)
100-game players: Four — Ray Brew, Jim Park, Jim Clark, David Rhys-Jones
Hall of Fame players: Two — Jim Clark. David Rhys-Jones

No.29 — Corey Durdin

Number of representatives: 38
Average games played: 20
Games record holder: Heath Scotland — 215 games
Best and fairest winners: One — Heath Scotland (2012)
Premiership players: Two — Jimmy Morris (1914), Allan Greenshields (1947)
100-game players: Two — Simon Beaumont, Heath Scotland
Hall of Fame players: Nil

No.42 — Adam Saad

Number of representatives: Six
Average games played: 59
Games record holder: Robert Walls — 218 games
Best and fairest winners: Nil
Premiership players: One — Robert Walls (1968, 1970, 1972)
100-game players: Two — Robert Walls, Zach Tuohy
Hall of Fame players: One — Robert Walls