LIAM Jones continues to learn about his story.

The proud Indigenous Blue hails from the Kija region through his father Bob, who was also a footballer at the elite level, playing 20 games for St Kilda in the late 1980s.

Both Liam and Bob are finding out more and more about their origins, with Jones recently telling Carlton Media about the effect that playing football has had on understanding his heritage and culture.

Jones said it was only up until recently that the family had a significant revelation.

“My knowledge of my Indigenous background has come slowly. It hasn’t really been until the last few years where I’ve continued to ask questions of Dad,” Jones said.

“He’s continuing to find out things now. My nan was part of the Stolen Generation, and there was no definitive answer on who her father was.

“Dad has been doing research and it was only a few weeks ago that we found out who his pop was.

“To hear all the stories of what Nan went through and all Indigenous Australians went through, which wasn’t that long ago, is heartbreakiing.”

Jones was full of credit towards his football club and the game in general for its ability to be able to celebrate and learn about Indigenous culture.

Having had his boots painted specially by his cousin last weekend, Jones is gearing up for another instalment of Sir Doug Nicholls Round tomorrow at the SCG.

It’s no surprise that this round bears an extra weight for Jones and his contemporaries in Navy Blue.

“The AFL and the football club and the way we get to celebrate Indigenous culture is really special,” he said.

“We’re all continuing to learn and I’m really enjoying learning about that side of my family.

“It makes me a proud Indigenous man. I’ll have my boots painted up, I’ll have the guernsey on and I’ll play my heart out.”