IT WAS once Hayley Williams who said "How did we get here?", and it's a fair question.

And no, we're not talking about Decode: rather, the launch of the brand new Carlton podcast, Talking Gibber-Fish.

The host themselves weren't quite sure how this has all come about, but it has happened, and 38 minutes of laughs was the result.

Don't take our word for it though: get up to speed with the opening episode.

0:00 — The intro, the name, the honourable mentions. The two halves of Gibber-Fish pay tribute to the fans who had their input towards the brand new podcast.

1:10 — First of all, the serious stuff. ‘Fish’ and ‘Gibbo’ run through the lead-up to the extended stay in Sydney and the chance to reflect following the first half of the season.

4:50 — The first sound effects of the podcast, and it doesn’t get much more important than this. Happy birthday, Fish.

5:15 — It’s the first edition of ‘They Like To Send Us’, and it’s (quite literally) a big guest. The resident Italian has caught EURO2021 fever.


6:00 — It’s a rock off for the first pick in the five a-side EURO2021 draft. There’s trickery up front, workhorses in midfield and… not a lot in defence. Who ya got?

12:00 — What does a Fish get up to on his birthday? Plus, there’s the first of plenty of dirt on the co-captain (who just happened to live with Fish, in case you haven’t heard).

13:00 — Fish and Bella rewatching Game of Thrones has brought out the fan boy in Gibbo. Plus, there’s a key household debate that needs to be settled when it comes to binge watching: it gets a bit heated.

“Imagine you see Jonny Snow rolling around on that thoroughbred. You need to be egging her on.”

- Michael Gibbons, 2021

“Imagine you see Jonny Snow rolling around on that thoroughbred. You need to be egging her on.” - Michael Gibbons, 2021

14:40 — All this emotion, and yet the self-admitted “IMDB snob” Zac Fisher hasn’t watched the final season of Game of Thrones. To be fair, we don’t blame him.

“I was living with ‘Crippa’ at the time. If you didn’t know, I lived with ‘Crippa’.” - Zac Fisher, 2021

16:20 — “Fogarty and I… Darcy. Lachie? Lachie.” Oh no, Fish.


18:30 — ‘Holding the ball or play on’. ’Holding the ball or fair bump play on’. ‘Holding the ball or fair bump’. ‘Tick or a cross’. It’s got many names and just as many laughs.

“Is that a word?  Big word tings, Guildford Grammar school tings.” - Zac Fisher, 2021

20:20 — It’s a shoutout for all of the fans enjoying it at home. “That’s a Gibbon” (patent pending)— the beginning of something great.

24:00 — A moment of recollection. How on earth did we get to a point where these two have a podcast? Not even they know.

25:20 — It’s time for the rumour file. Not going to lie, we can’t quite distinguish between this and the ‘Holding the ball/Play on’ segment, but it’s a source of debate either way… and there’s some questionable behaviour to speculate on.

“It’s a rumour, so I don’t want to speak on it too heavily. But, if it is the case, I’d definitely be telling him to grow up.”

- - Michael Gibbons, 2021

28:50 — They were happy to throw their teammates under the bus, but it has taken less than half an hour to go at each other. Michael Gibbons presents Zac Fisher, the conspiracy theorist.

30:05 — It’s the first ‘Kick from the junction’ score card. Funnily enough, one of the hosts is more than happy to provide an update.

34:20 — A preview of the upcoming game. Gibbo turns interviewer to ask Fish the big, big questions leading into the big, big clash with the big, big sound.

35:35 — They’ve been talking about him all episode, but this is no Gibber-Fish. The boys pay tribute to Eddie Betts ahead of another milestone this weekend.

37:10 — Rounding things off, Fish and Gibbo single out some praise for John Barker after his decade at the Club.

38:00 — The boys have actually enjoyed it. Rounding off episode one, we’ll be back again next week.