DOUBLE the guest, double the fun, double the chaos.

And it certainly was chaotic.

Talking Gibber-Fish is growing by the week, with not one, not three, but two very special guests for episode five. 

The boys welcomed Liam Jones and Jacob Weitering on the show, and it got out of hand really quickly. Shock.

Take it away, Ern.


0:00 — A tribute from ‘Fish’ to Sergio Silvagni before the show kicks off.

0:35 — The boys welcome the ‘joint John Nicholls Medallists’ from the 2020 season.

1:05 — Weiters v Hawkins and a return for Jonesy this weekend: it’s serious footy talk to commence proceedings.

2:00 — Congratulations are in order for Jack Martin and his fiancé Britt… but the conversation quickly turns to who is next.

3:10 — Fish provides his wrap up of the EURO festivities on Lygon Street, with a Talking Gibber-Fish first thrown in.

4:10 — It’s a serious discussion in this week’s They Like To Send Us, courtesy of John Ryan. “How do you personally deal with the hate on social media?”

“‘Who?’ ‘You.’ ‘Nah, who asked?’”

- Zac Fisher, 2021

5:40 — Which Brownlow Medallist was a 17-year-old Weiters quoted as potting? It didn’t take long for Gibbo to throw him under the bus.

8:00 — Gibbo has recently turned into a gamer, and he’s in esteemed company with Fish and Weiters on the sticks.

9:10 — Jonesy’s music career is going to take off, we swear.

“If Akon or someone sung it, it would be elite.”

- Liam Jones, 2021

10:30 — The Video Shop is where we’re going: the boys tell the story of Jonesy’s No.1 hit and its prevalence in the hub.

12:00 — Fish reckons Liam Jones > Conor McGregor. It’s that simple.

13:00 — Lifting the lid on the angry man that is Jacob Weitering.

14:15 — Say that again? Jonesy tells his experience with a shark back in Sydney a few weeks ago.

15:50 — “There’s a word that describes it [the phobia of oceans].” “Yeh, ‘scary’.” Wowee.

16:05 — Say that again again? A never-before-told story of Gibbo making his AFL debut after being stung by a jellyfish that morning.

17:10 — It’s the Friends apartment quiz, but better. Forwards v defenders, this is big.

21:00 — “Terrible quiz.” Cheers, Gibbo.

21:10 — It went out on our socials last night, and we stand by it: it’s the greatest moment in Talking Gibber-Fish history.

23:00 — Weiters was also waiting for this one. Gibbo has a go at Weiters for a VFL clash back in 2018: glad to see he’s put it in the past.

25:00 — It’s time for the Rumour File, and Weiters has come prepared… at the expense of a fellow defender and fellow PUMA athlete.

25:55 — We’re pretty sure it was called the ‘Rick-Ter Scale’, but now it’s called the ‘Cripp-To-Meter’. Regardless, it’s back.

26:40 — Gee there’s a lot of discussion at the expense of the Carlton Media team here. Gibbo tries to get Weiters going again, although this one is probably fair enough.

27:10 — It took a while, but the conversation has finally turned to the moment Weiters wanted to share his John Nicholls Medal with his partner in crime.

28:45 — Drama. Did Fish really not have Jonesy’s number saved in his phone?

30:15 — A preview of the weekend’s clash with the “bloody swoopy Pies”, in the words of Gibbo.

31:10 — “I’m really happy with the way this has gone.” Same Fish, same.

31:35 — A final shoutout for the departing member of the Carlton Media team who “has done everything resembling any form of organisation on this show”.